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Babydoll vs Eileen

(Debbi’s Note: This is an early story with now-famous pinup artist, Garv)

“Babydoll” leaned against her corner, dressed in her silk panties, white stockings and chemise top. She played with her short, blond hair and blew kisses at the audience who had come to she her take on “Crazy Eileen” in tonight’s pay-per-view catfight match.

As she smiled and waved to her fans, Babydoll kept thinking of how satisfying it would be to wrap her milky thighs around Eileen’s throat and choke the life out of her. She loved to make girls submit to her scissors, watch them turn blue and claw for air. Babydoll had a mean streak that belied her nickname.

Eileen climbed through the ropes into the ring. Her long, brown hair draped against her short, velvet dress as she parted the ropes. Eileen was known to do anything and everything to win, and that’s how she got her nickname, “crazy.” She wore long, thigh-length wrestling boots and long, satin gloves. She danced in the center of the ring, swirling her long hair and driving the audience mad with desire.

She stopped suddenly, and beckoned Babydoll to join her in the center of the ring. Babydoll smirked, and strode forwards to meet her. Her stockings swished against each other as she traveled across the ring to meet her enemy. Eileen extended her hands in the classic challenge to a test of strength. Babydoll just stood with her hands on her full hips, mocking her. Then, she slowly raised her arms and locked up with Eileen.

Eileen smiled as her foe met the challenge. Both girls started slowly, testing each other’s strength, trying to force each other’s wrist backwards until one girl would submit in pain. They struggled, pushing against each other, until they were breast to breast, their arms dropped to their sides, and they were now trying to bend each other’s wrists up. It was an even contest, and both girls leaned their heads against each other’s shoulders, grimacing with effort. Eileen turned her head to the side, her lips brushing Babydoll’s neck. Then she opened her sensuous mouth and bit.
Babydoll screamed, and Eileen took advantage of her pain to wrench her wrists up and back. Babydoll dropped to her knees in agony. Eileen brought her knee up and smashed her jaw, sending her topping backwards.

Babydoll lay sprawed on the canvas, her stockinged legs parted and revealing her satin-clad pussy as a target. Eileen dove on top of Babydoll, crashing her knee into Babydoll’s mound. Babydoll screamed again as Eileen landed with full force on her womanhood. Eileen reached up and yanked at Babydoll’s hair. Through the pain, Babydoll managed to return the hair-pulling, and soon both girls were rolling around the ring, pulling at each other’s hair and screaming obscenities at each other.

Babydoll’s scalp was on fire as Eileen’s two-fisted attack on her hair took its toll. She tried to fight back, but it was obvious that the hair-puling was more painful for her than it was for Eileen. She had to do something.

As Eileen flipped Babydoll onto her back in one of their rolls, Babydoll didn’t try to reverse the position. Instead, she slid her sleek, stocking legs higher up onto Eileen’s hips and around her waist. Before Eileen could react, Babydoll flexed her legs and hooked her ankles together, trapping Eileen in a powerful waist scissors. Eileen’s back arched in instinctive agony, and Babydoll smiled. She reveled as her legs tightened around Eileen, and she watched as Eileen gasped and tried vainly to pry her strong legs apart.

Babydoll raised herself up on her elbows to get more leverage. She toyed with Eileen, momentarily letting the pain ease up for a bit, then pouring it on just as Eileen would catch her breath.
“Please…you’re… hurting me!”, gasped Eileen.

“That’s what I’m supposed to do, you bitch!” Babydoll started to pulse her legs, it was her trademark refinement on the scissor hold. The pulsing sent ripples of sharp pain into Eileen, wave after wave of breath-stealing pain that drew gasps from the stricken girl.

Eileen was fading. She was going to black out. This seemingly sweet, doe-like creature was squeezing the life out of her with her python-like legs. Her only chance was to play dead. Eileen let her body go limp. She fought back the pain and closed her eyes. Please…please let this work, she thought to herself. Don’t let her know…don’t show any pain…

Babydoll was not impressed. Other girls usually lasted longer. She clenched her legs violently once more time, and when Eileen didn’t move, released her hold and stood up to the cheering of the crowd.

Sweat beaded on her face and chest, and dripped down between her breasts. Her legs were still taut from their effort, her thighs and calves standing out in strong definition against the arena lights. She raised her fist in victory…

And Eileen exploded.

With a yell, she leaped onto Babydoll’s back, and wrapped her own legs around the surprised girl. Eileen wrapped her arm around Babydoll’s throat and directed all her anger into crushing her foe’s windpipe. Babydoll staggered around the ring. Her arms reached uselessly behind her, trying to get this wild woman off her back. She dropped to her knees and tried to flip Eileen forward, but she still couldn’t shake her.

Eileen balled her fist and rammed it repeatedly into Babydoll’s kidney. Babydoll cried out with each blow, her cries muffled by the choke hold. When Eileen had worked her over sufficiently, she released an exhausted Babydoll who slumped forward onto the canvas.

Eileen stepped up and hauled the girl to her feet. She ran Babydoll into the turnbuckle, , trapping her in the corner. She turned the dazed girl around and flipped up her chemise top, exposing her naked breasts. Eileen stood back a step, and then rained blow after blow into Babydoll’s beautiful orbs, deforming them almost to the bursting point. Babydoll screamed with each punch, Eileen’s fists buried themselves deep into her chest, driving them upwards with vicious uppercuts and then hammering them down like she was attacking a punching bag.

Eileen enjoyed the feeling of pummeling Babydoll’s tits. Suitable payback for the scissors, she thought. But she had to end this. Grabbing a hold of Babydoll’s hair, she flipped her into the center of the ring. Babydoll landed with a thud on her back, knocking the wind out of her.

Babydoll found herself wrenched up by her hair onto her knees. She was crying uncontrollably. Sobbing, she clutched at her beaten breasts. Behind her, Eileen raised one arm and, still gripping her opponent’s hair, stepped around to face her anguished enemy.

Eileen raised her arm higher, and delivered a stinging bitch-slap to Babydoll’s check, snapping her head back. Eileen didn’t stop. Cracking her head back and forth with slaps and backhands, she was determined to demolish those “babydoll” looks. By the time she stopped, Babydoll was passed out, propped up only by Eileen’s grip on her hair. She let her fall back onto the mat, put one booted leg up onto her chest, and raised her fists in victory to the roaring approval of the crowd.

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    Good story
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    Tks! One of the first ones I wrote.
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    Your quite talented :)
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    Oh wow, did not know that this was your story. This was actually one of the gateway stories that lead me into foxyfighter the first time
  • Posted: October 7, 2015 01:59


    That's a great story! I love hearing about how people enjoyed these or the original site. Really makes me feel like I helped the fetish!