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Cat’s Bar – Debbi’s Diary

(Debbi’s Note: This is probably my most popular story. Lot’s of tit torture! Presented in full.)

Since coming to Japan to wrestle, I’d been in over a dozen matches. My last match was with Mimi, and I just barely managed to beat her. She fought dirty when the ref wasn’t looking, and we both had managed to tear each other tops off during the fight in front of the cameras. That wasn’t supposed to happen in a public match.

You see, there are public matches, and there are after-hours fights. After-hours were the toughest, raunchiest, meanest fights where girls could make or break their careers, or end up in the emergency room. They were arranged by the rich, Japanese men who funded the regular wrestling circuit, and all fighters were required to compete. I think my last fight with Mimi got some guys excited, because a week later they told us we were going to go at it again at Cat’s Bar. Afterhours.

I didn’t mind it. In fact, I was looking forward to it. Mimi had tried to humiliate me and hurt me during our last match. She played it cute, but she was really a back-stabbing, conniving bitch who wanted the title at all costs. Well, if she was going to take it to that, I’d be glad to dish out some of the same in our private match, and more.

Night fell, and it was time. The Japanese sake bar was cramped, and they had cleared a table or two for our fight. Not much room, but the smoky crowd would get a nice view of us beating the shit out of each other. The announcer called my name, and I threaded my way past the barstools into the cleared area where Mimi was already waiting. They had us topless, wearing short-short jeans and wrestling boots. Before the match we had both oiled down our bodies to make it harder for the other girl to grab on to anything. Mimi was busy primping for the crowd, juggling her tits at men and pointing at me while giving the “thumbs down” signal. I was too mad to pander to the crowd, and I just stared her down.

Mimi’s implants looked large for her small, Japanese frame, and they glistened from the oil under the hot spotlight that someone had just turned our way. My chest wasn’t any less proud, but mine were natural, and I was sharply aware of how much punishment they might take in a no-holds barred catfight. Hair was a problem too, Mimi’s short black bob would make it hard to go for a hairpull, whereas my own waist length, chestnut hair was always a target.

Yelling something in Japanese, the MC made it clear the fight was on. We both dropped into a crouch and circled for an opening. There was no hesitation, no flinching; just two pros who knew that any distraction could cost the match. Mimi made the first move, predictably reaching out and grabbing my hair. Expecting this, I let her latch on with two hands, pulling me into her.

I leapt forward while raising my knee into her stomach. Our combined momentum sank my knee deep into her soft belly, knocking the wind out of her. Mimi immediately let go and sank to her knees gasping. I immediately followed up by grabbing her arm and swinging my legs around her head in a standing headscissors. She cried out as my thighs clamped shut and I pulled back on her arms. I really had to keep a tight grip on her wrists as she struggled madly to try and escape. I tensed my thighs and was rewarded with another little gasp from Mimi.

But I hadn’t counted on Mimi’s strength. She got one knee under her and began to stand. I felt myself wobbling and soon Mimi had enough leverage to stagger to a stand. I was still wrapped around her head and now riding on her shoulders.

Well, not for long, because Mimi walked backwards, slamming me into a way and toppling me over.

I struggled to roll and stand when I felt a weight crashing into me. Mimi was on top now and madder than hell. Her tiny fists pounded my sides and the back of my head. I cried out as she connected with my kidneys and collapsed to the bar floor. I tasted the sawdust there as she body-slammed me once, twice, three times!

I crumpled up into a fetal position, moaning. I ached and was nauseous from the pounding in my head and back. Mimi knelt beside me and grabbed my long hair again, yanking back and wrenching on my neck. She spun me around to face her, lying on the floor, spread-eagled me, and pinned me to the ground. She was trying to end this quick.

I could feel Mimi’s soft body pressing into mine. Her stiff breasts pushing into my soft, yielding nipples as she laid on top of me. She wrapped her legs in mine in a grapevine and I could feel her hot breath on my cheek. I struggled to flip her, but I was still weak from the pounding. Could it end this way? The MC began the 10 count, “Ichi…Nee…San…”

I was too weak, I couldn’t throw her. But as the ref got to 9, Mimi yelled “not yet” and suddenly rolled off of me! I should have known she wasn’t finished with me yet. I knew that Mimi really wanted to end my career, as I was the only thing standing in her way in the official matches. I was the only one who could stop her from the title. If she didn’t put me in the hospital tonight, I’d just be back next week in the ring. And in a legitimate rules match, Mimi wasn’t nearly good enough to stop me.

I lay there panting, trying to wave away the pain and stand. Just as I got to all fours, Mimi took a running start and booted me in the ribs. The pain shot through me like an ice pick and I rolled onto my back. Mimi stomped down again, this time her hard book mashed into my tit, flattening it and making me lurch upwards in pain. I flailed there, trying to avoid Mimi’s rib-crushing stomping as she brought the boot down again and again on my chest, my breasts and my stomach. As she paused, I did something I wasn’t proud of.

I ran. I was scared, really scared. Mimi was trying to break a rib or worse and I was in a bad situation. I scampered under the tables, avoiding her kicks. I felt like an abused dog. I just needed to get my wind back! I could hear the crowd laughing at me, and the yell of an enraged Mimi as she flung customers aside to try and find me.

Eventually she did. Mimi flipped the table aside in rage and grabbed me by my tits. She hauled me up, my breasts stretching and oozing beneath her claws as I cried out in pain. With a firm grip on my soft rack, she steered me back towards another table and bent me backwards over the top. She pushed hard, sliding me across the surface, wet with beer and sake. Her eyes were lit with rage!

I screamed as she dug those sharpened talons into my breasts. She clawed deep, trying to break the skin as she mashed them together in a death grip. “No…please stop!” I couldn’t believe it when I heard my lips utter that and more. I begged her to let me go, that my breasts were going to burst and that she was the better woman. The crowd was shocked, in silence. They had never heard me surrender to another woman like that.

But Mimi had triggered some primal fear. I was in pure “flight” mode now as this ferocious Japanese woman towered above me, mauling my chest. The pain was incredible, like icy fire that radiated form her fingertips deep into the soft and vulnerable tissue of my breasts.

Mimi just kept going, just kept squeezing until my breasts swelled around her hands and turned bright red before dimming to an ugly purple. A trickle of blood was already pooling by her thumbs where they dug into the soft undersides of my boobs. I couldn’t even talk anymore; my lips were wracked open in a perpetual silent cry of not just pain, but pure humiliation that I had been so dominated by this one woman.


That bitch! That complete bitch! She was ruining me, and she wasn’t going to stop until she ripped my tits off my chest. And I was letting her do it! Here, in front of all these people. What was it about her that had me so afraid? How could I let this silly, proud, backstabbing cunt get the better of me!

I almost didn’t realize I was doing it, but I started to wrap my legs around Mimi’s waist as she wrenched on my tits. Maybe I was desperate. Maybe my body thought I was going to die, and automatically started to fight back. All I know is that now I had a grip around Mimi’s slender waist and that I was squeezing. Squeezing so hard that hot tears started to roll down Mimi’s face, neither of us though, making a sound.

My mouth was open, and so was hers as the pain carried us into that silent realm of struggle, neither of us willing to relinquish our hold on the other. She renewed her attack on my tits, clawing at them and clamping down on my swollen nipples. I retaliated by shifting my knees up her sides, until I was squeezing her kidneys with my shapely thighs, locking my calves and ankles together. Still, the silence was deadly.

And then a keen wail. It started soft, then built to a deafening cry as Mimi’s sides were crushed by me legs. As it reached its pitch, Mimi let go of me, her hands flying to my legs to try and pry them away, to stop the pain that was beginning to kill her. I doubled my efforts, propping myself up on my elbows for leverage as Mimi thrashed and pounded her fists on my legs. This wasn’t over yet…

I had her now. And no matter how much by breasts burned from the clawing they had received, I was determined to squeeze the shit out of Mimi’s waist. I was still flat on my back on the table, her hands flew back from my clenched thighs and buried in my naked mounds of titflesh, my legs twisted tighter around her bare torso; we were a sculpture in agony.

Only I was making progress. Mimi was wailing as I poured on the pressure with my thighs. She kept alternating between beating my tits with her fists and clawing at my legs to try and stop the pain. Hot tears rolled down our faces, but I was determined to be silent and not give that bitch the satisfaction of knowing how much my tits hurt, and how the long nail-furrows on my thighs burned as she clawed at them.

Just as Mimi was going limp, I doubled up my legs to my chest and planted my bare feet firmly into her fake, Japanese tits. She flew backwards and hit the wall with a thud before sliding to the bar’s floor, semi-conscious.

I groaned and rolled over, falling off the table and near fetal as I cradled my injured chest. The bar-room was abuzz with chatter and cheering. They wanted us to go on, to finish each other. I know Mimi wanted that too. She had been determined to finish me off, injure me badly enough so I couldn’t compete. Maybe she still was. Mimi stirred and slowly hauled herself to her feet, her eyes burning daggers at me.


I could only see her dimly through my teary eyes, but I knew I had to get up. I rolled onto all fours and was about to push up when Mimi suddenly grabbed me by my hair and slammed my head into the floor. The floorboards cracked loudly as my head hit the deck. She did it again and this time there was a small trickle of blood running down the side of my face. The room was spinning and then I was on my back, my aching ribs confirming that she had planted her boot into my side to knock me over. I could see Mimi towering above me, a cruel smirk on her red lips as she spread her legs and stood over my pain-wracked body.

Even through the haze of dizziness, I knew I had to keep fighting or be finished here. I rolled onto my back and cocked my legs before plunging them, boots forward into Mimi’s denim covered crotch. My hard heels found their soft target and Mimi screamed as she fell. Now we were both on the ground.

I ran up and grabbed her legs, spreading them wide. Her firm calves bucked in my grasp as she struggled to avoid what was coming. “No!” she screamed “don’t do it!” But it was too late, I jumped up and kneed her in the crotch. Mimi’s body convulsed as I hit paydirt and that just encouraged me to do it again. And again.

Mimi wept aloud as I ravaged her, pummeling her womanhood. She was helpless now, and I dropped to sitting position and ground my heel into her pussy. She tried to kick out as she writhed on the ground, but I had a firm grasp on her slender legs. I stuck the toe of my boot down the zipper line of her shorts and tried to grind the metal teeth against her sensitive lips. It must have worked, because Mimi’s eyes were rolling back into her head even as she cried.

“Submit! Or I’ll make sure you never fuck anyone again!” But Mimi just clenched her teeth and moaned. I dug in harder. Then I started stomping. With each stomp I yelled “why…won’t…you…fucking…give…up!”

With that last kick, Mimi let out an ear piercing scream as her body went into convulsions. I let go and she started thrashing on the floor, holding her crotch and sobbing. I figured that had done it, and that I had taken all the fight out of her. I just got up and started to walk away.

It was then that I heard the crowd roar in a great, collective gasp. I turned in time to see Mimi’s blazing eyes just as the chair cracked across my head. I staggered backwards, and she came at me again, shoving the chair at me. One of the chair legs hit me in the crotch as she rammed me against the wall. The legs pinned me there while the one that was in my crotch bored into my pussy as Mimi screamed some Japanese battle cry.

I couldn’t move, and an insane-looking Mimi just shoved the chair leg deeper into me. “Pay back time, Bitch-u!” she yelled. The pain was incredible. The wooden shaft dug deeper, pressing against my clit and I couldn’t help screaming as she twisted that chair into me. She stopped and threw the chair to the side where it shattered against the bar. Grabbing me by the hair in one hand, she unbuttoned my shorts and dug her hand into my pussy.

Sharp nails clawed at my lips until they parted, leaving me vulnerable as she attacked my insides. She pinched my clit until I was bawling and then thrust her fingers up my pulsing snatch. She finger fucked me until I was wet and then held up her glistening fingers to the crowd. “American girl is real slut!” she yelled as she stuffed her fingers in my mouth and made me taste myself.

I was burning in humiliation and shame, even more so than the pain in my pussy. I didn’t have time to feel it much though, as she started punching me. Her tiny fists sunk into the soft flesh of my belly. Smack, smack! As I would sink to the floor, holding my stomach, she would haul me up again and punch me until I felt like I was going to puke.

Then she started in on my tits. She pounded her fists deep into my flesh. Her fist would almost be completely enveloped as they sank into my once luscious, natural orbs. My nipples were driven back towards my chest and my tits felt as if they would burst. Mimi threw me to the ground where I collapsed into a sobbing heap, unable to defend myself.

“I… I submit!” I cried out. But Mimi just cocked her head and held a hand up to her ear in mock attention.

“You say something, American whore? I no hearing you. You’re not over until I say so” she spat in broken English. She dove onto me, pinning me to the ground and locking my legs with hers in a painful grapevine. She bent her face down next to my ear and whispered “I hurt you bad. I hurt you so bad you can’t fight me or anybody else no more!”

With that she reared back and headbutted me. My skull bounced against the floor and I was dizzy again, that cut on my forehead bleeding fresh, bright blood that had also spattered over Mimi’s face and chest.

Now she toyed with me. She pressed her big, fake titties into my lush chest and bore down. Her stiff nipples dug holes in mine as her much firmer tits went to work on my chest. She pounded her tits into me. My breasts had already had a sore beating and were now defenseless against her attack. Her nipples scraped painfully against mine, and her saline-filled rocks crushed into my tits, flattening them to the sides. Her legs put immense pressure against my thighs and calves, and I couldn’t move a single inch as her tits banged into mine, pulverizing my once-proud chest.

She pinned my arms above my head with one hand, while the other went to do more dirty work down below. I could feel her hand glide into the front of my shorts once again, and I shuddered involuntarily as her fingertips brushed my labia. I was trained now, trained to know the pain was coming.


Even as she worked her tits into mine, her fingers did unspeakable work to my clit and vagina. Sharp nails dug into soft inner walls as nipples raked across my chest. I would shudder and convulse as she poked and pried and clawed at me. My cries rang out and nearly drowned out the din of the roaring crowd as Mimi destroyed both areas of my womanhood.

She spread my legs with her knee and removed her hand, only to send blow after crushing blow into my pussy. I could feel her hard angled knee smack into my pelvic bone, and I could only imagine the damage that was happing down there. The thought led to new bout of sobbing as that thunderous piledriver kept beating into my pussy.

I blacked out. When I came to, it seemed like a dream, a dream that was over. But then I saw Mimi reach down and haul me up by my hair, and I knew this was a nightmare that was far from being done. She bent me over the bar and banged my head into it once before flipping my tits up onto the slick, wet bar.

She lifted me up and pressed her body against mine, using her weight to slam my tits against the hard, ebony wood of the bar that reflected the pain in my face as I screamed. I could see in the reflection how battered my tits were, black and bruised, turning purple and throbbing.

She lifted me up and slammed my tits against the edge of the bar again, pinching them between the hard surface and my own chest. She wiggled back and forth, causing my breast to rub painfully into the wood. She kept at this, banging and banging my tits until my nipples bled a clear fluid that pooled onto the bar surface. Tears streamed down my face, and ran over my breasts whose wounds burned from the salt of my defeat.

“Now, we finish you!” Mimi whispered viciously. Grabbing my arm, she locked it hard against my back, twisting it up, up, up until it was near the breaking point. My tits were like flatted pancakes underneath me as she used my arm to leverage my chest harder into the wood. Then she climbed up onto my back, throwing her thigh over my waist. She leapt up, and when she came crashing down onto my back my tits were smashed so hard that they squirted clear liquid onto the rack of bottles behind the bar. There was a sickening crack, and I screamed, and kept screaming. I couldn’t stop, because Mimi had broken my arm which now hung useless by my side.

I dropped to the ground and screamed as I clutched at my arm. Mimi danced around me and raised her fists to the cheering crowed. The bartender hurried over to me, then motioned his help to call an ambulance. I was done. It was over, and for the first time, I was really, truly scared of another human being. A little Japanese girl called Mimi had broken me, and I felt my life was over.

As they loaded me onto the stretcher, I was still crying, but trying not to scream. Mimi came over and looked down to survey her handiwork. I couldn’t help but cringe and she saw it and smiled cruelly. She spat, and I felt her hot spittle drizzle down my ruined chest. Then she turned and stomped out of the dressing room as they carried me away. All I could do was cry.

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    At least I'm not the only one who thinks this story is the best of Debbi's diaries...for the moment ; ). I remember first reading this story and just being amazed at how brutal the author wrote this story and how much she allowed the character to be beaten. To the depths that Debbi allowed herself to sink to in order to hurt her opponent to the brutality that Mimi displayed, the chapter really showed just how much the talent of the author had grown. With this being one of the last few Debbi's Diary chapters before the hiatus it truly makes me excited to see just how much further the author has grown during foxyfighter's dormancy, to see the results of further developed writing talents. Has new Diary entries been completed or are we going to be seeing more of other people's work in the meantime?
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    New art is ready. I'll be writing new stories. One more to go before the new ones hit!
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