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Debbi’s Diary – Dark Days

(Debbi’s Note: This story got really, really dark. I’m not sure it fits anymore, or if I should retcon in a alternate transition here and pretend this match never happened. Let me know what you think!)

It was three long months since Mimi broke my arm and put my wrestling career on hold. The maniac, Japanese vixen had been determined to finish me after I humiliated her in the ring.

Well, she did a pretty good job.

After our fight at the bar, I had a compound fracture of the arm and my breasts had been beaten so badly that I couldn’t wear a bra for a several weeks. Mimi had also ravaged my pussy and clit, which put me on bedrest for a long time. Long enough to where I ran out of money and couldn’t afford my apartment any longer. Since I couldn’t wrestle, I couldn’t pay the bills. I ended up working at a bar where they let you live in a common room with all the other hostess girls that drink with Japanese “salary men.” It’s not prostitution, but it’s too damn far from wrestling!

But my arm was all better now. It, along with my spirit, had mended. I wanted revenge. I didn’t care if I killed her. Mimi had gone beyond beating me. For thirty minutes she had made me her bitch in front of all my friends and fans. For that she would pay. Unfortunately, I was nowhere near to fighting her again.

They wouldn’t accept me back in the league until I had proven I could fight again. I had to work my way up in the circuit. That meant fighting at small private clubs and bars where desperate girls went to scratch and claw over a handful of Yen, barely enough to pay the rent for a week. The fights tended to be short and brutal, and if you didn’t know what you were doing, you could end up with a broken back or worse. This is the seedier side of Tokyo that most foreigners never get to see. That is unless you are a pretty, stacked American girl from Rhode Island like me, in which case they throw the doors open and invite you to get your ass kicked by some bimbo that’s the club favorite. They love to see an American girl lose.

It was rent time again, and I was short. I hopped on the train to Shinjuku and got off near a bar where I knew I could find a fight. I wore a bikini underneath a warm, fur coat an admirer had once given me in more plentiful days. I figured I could drop the coat to get the manager’s attention if I needed him to take me seriously.

I hustled inside the cramped bar. Someone had managed to cram a tiny wrestling ring in one corner, surrounded by chairs packed elbow to elbow with sweaty, Japanese businessmen. Some poor girl was in there now, getting her naked tits ripped off by another Japanese woman with tattoos all across her back. I could hear her screams and knew only too well how much that hurt.

I threaded my way to the bar and asked to see the fight manager. The bartender, dressed in a Japanese jacket and dirty headband wasn’t about to give this Gaijin a break, so I flashed him some titty underneath my coat. He grinned, exposing a gap in teeth, and came around the bar to lead me to a back room.

Or was it a closet? Damn it was cramped in here. I dropped my coat and cocked my hip. My waist-length, brown hair (yes, I still never cut it) fell down over my ample breasts which even now were drawing the lascivious stares of the boss-man sitting in front of me.

“You want to fight?” he grumbled in Japanese. He was sweaty and fat. Way fat for Japanese man and way too large to be crammed into this back office. I didn’t see how he ever managed to fit around his desk to sit down.

“No, I want to beat some bitch ass and get paid for it.” I replied. His gaze dropped to my thin waist and full, American hips and legs. I have meaty thighs, but shapely. Very useful for squeezing heads, tits or anything else that gets trapped between them in the ring.

“Okay. But I think you lose. You lose, you get nothing. You win, I’ll pay you $200 United States dollars.” He was grinning because he said that last part in Engrish. “How you say…take it or leave it?”

“Just like that. And I’ll take it. Oh and another thing, if I beat her, you let me fight here again, and next time you pay me $400 if I win.”

He burst into laughter; great pealing bouts of it that sounded like a pig being strangled.

“Oh, you no beat Cherisa-san. You may know wrestling, but this match, this match is Muay-Thai. You know, kicking and punching? She gonna to break your pretty face! Are you scared now?”

I crossed over to his desk and sat on the edge of it. I leaned over good and long so he could get a good view of my ample cleavage. Grabbing his tie, I pulled him in close to me.

“The only thing that’s going to break, is the back of whatever little thing you put me into the ring with. This little pisshole doesn’t have the kind of girl it takes to take down Debbi-chan!”

Debbi’s Diary – Dark Days
His eyes widened. In the short time that I did compete in the big leagues, everyone knew my name. I looked a little different now, being down on my luck, but I knew the name still held weight. No doubt this guy had jacked off to my matches on a number of occasions, as evidenced by his newfound grin and more of the pig-slaughtering laughter.

“Ohhhh! Debbi-chan! For-gi-vu me.We will enjoy this e-vu-ning!” He grinned. “You chan-ge now. Fight in five minutes. If you win, you can fight here all you like – until you lose!”

Back in the bathroom (they didn’t have a dressing room), the bartender had handed me a short, slit miniskirt, some gloves and a pair of battered boots. It took me a second to realize that the reason he didn’t give me a top was because we were supposed to fight bare-chested. I knew that was going to hurt if she connected with my breasts. It didn’t help they were big targets. I tried not to think about it as I stripped down to my thong and pulled the skirt up over my waist.

When I was finished getting ready, I stepped back into the bar where the bartender was now acting as MC, hyping the next match, trying his best to sound like a Sumo referee. I climbed into the tiny 5×5 ring as he introduced me, and waited for the bar’s champion. She was in the audience, and had been drinking with some guy at the bar. When the MC called her name she stood up and padded to the ring, jabbing at the air, bobbing and weaving until she climbed in and gave me a wink.

What surprised me was that she too, was from the States. Cherisa was a tall, statuesque ebony skinned beauty. When she removed her robe I could see she was naturally endowed like myself, but she was also ripped! Her muscles played over her arms, back and stomach as she stretched and warmed up, obviously she was taking this seriously. Another girl came out to lace her up in gloves.

I didn’t care where she came from. She was just another obstacle in my way. I would plow through her and any number of girls to get back at the top, back for a shot at Mimi. The bell rang.

No wait, there was no bell. That was the sound in my head of her uppercut exploding from nowhere under my chin and knocking me back into the ropes! As I reeled from surprise she followed up her opening punch with a painful tap-dance all over my body. Jabs rained town on my head, my chest and my stomach. I decided to throw my arms around her in a clinch before she could start kicking.

That was a mistake. No ref here. Instead of kicking, she used her knees to batter my sides while I pinned her arms and tried to push her back. Pain exploded in my kidneys and thighs as her powerful blows threatened to break bones and pulverize insides.

I flailed, as kick-boxing wasn’t normally my thing. We traded punches to each others sides and I reach back to grab her short, curly hair to pull her off me. As soon as I got her off a ways I started landing haymakers to her stomach.

It didn’t seem to have much effect. Her abs were like steel and my arms aren’t the strongest part of my body. She came back at me unfazed and I threw up my guard. This time she was spinning around, trying to clock with a roundhouse kick to the head. I blocked, but too late, I realized it was a feint. Her foot jabbed downwards instead and cracked against my shin. I buckled immediately, my leg feeling like it was on fire. I think the boot was the only thing that stopped me from a broken bone.

She kicked me back onto the ropes, my legs sprawled in front of me, one of them too numb to let me stand. She knelt down and started to punch my tits methodically. First left, then right. I tried to cover up, but whenever I did she would punch me in the face, exposing my breasts to attack once again as I held my bleeding nose with my gloves. I could feel the sweat-slicked leather impacting and sliding off my tits. She would punch me square in the nipple, painfully compressing it into the bulk of my titflesh, and then give my tit an uppercut that would send it nearly smacking into my face. She juggled them with hits like a punching bag!


When I could finally feel my leg again, I let her know by shoving up into her pussy where it connected with a solid thudding noise. She turned as white as her skin would allow and reeled back, clutching her crotch. It bought me enough time to stand up. We recovered roughly at the same time and started circling each other in the ring.

She tested the waters with a couple of jabs, and I probed for weaknesses. She was really fast and her right was powerful. I knew her abs could take a pounding and that her pussy was average, but I needed to find her weak spot, someplace where I could really put the hurt on her.

Opps! Too much thinking. She found an opening and clocked me in the head with a real roundhouse this time. Once more I found myself against the ropes and in a bat spot. She cocked her leg back and grinned, and I knew what was coming. I tried to clamp my legs together but her knee came thundering in, parting my soft flesh and connecting with my privates. I bent over, hacking cries from the pain when her glove connected with my left booby, spattering sweat and stretching it out to the limit. My sex spots are my biggest weakness, both up here and down there, and she had hit the jackpot.

She hit me again, this time in the right tit. My breast felt like it was going to burst. Her staccato rhythm section on my tits left my nipples feeling raw. I tasty a salty tear that had rolled down my cheeks and fought back the urge to cry. The leather ripped across my chest and felt like sandpaper on my tender areola. She held one breast in one hand and smacked it hard with the other. My tit oozed over her gloved hand and burned like fire. She wrapped my arms in the ropes and kneed me in the stomach a couple of times. Unlike Cherisa, my belly was soft and supple. Not flabby, just sexy. But it didn’t feel sexy now. She kneed me so hard I could feel it in my ovaries, right above the breadbasket. She knocked the wind out of me, and then revived me by smacking my tits around some more. I had a small, burning cut under one tit and the other was leaking a little clear white fluid. They were bruised and battered looking, and I finally had to let it go and sob my eyes out. My tits were my pride and joy, and I wondered what kind of permanent damage this bitch was doing to them.

Cherisa stepped back to admire her handiwork and pump the crowd a bit. Some Japanese guy got up and untangled my arms. I was going to thank him but he just laughed and shoved me back into the ring where I collided with Cherisa. Damn it, I wasn’t going to lose already! I had just gotten started. I should have trained more for this…but who can afford that? I’d just have to stick to my experience and suck it up. Take this bitch down for the win.

As I slammed into her back, I tacked her with both arms and we sprawled to the mat. I was better at ground work, so I went to work. She was flat on her back, her untouched tits pointed at the sky. I grinned as I brought my leg up and smashed it across her breasts. Her arms might be strong, but my legs were stronger! She yelped like a she-bitch and I knew I had finally found a weakness! I raised my leg again and slammed it onto her tits. The sound of my calves smacking her titflesh and her resulting yells were like music. I crushed her orbs a few more times and then straddled her on the ground. I took my gloves and punched her tits from both sides, mashing her orbs together. They mushed together painfully and I heard her gasp so I hit her like that again. Then I hit her from both sides but left my gloves there to grind her tits together. I pushed and pounded and squeezed like I was making wine from grapes. She bucked like a wild stallion beneath me, but I hit her in the face a couple of times to quiet her down so I could go back to work on her huge tits.

I gave them uppercuts, and smash them down with both hands. Then I’d take the lace side of my gloves and scrape them across her nipples until they bled. Cherisa moaned and arched her back, but I was just getting started. I leaned down and started to rub my tits against hers. Mine were sore, but I knew she was more sensitive than I was. I let my nipples rake across hers like daggers, and she shivered and screamed when I mashed my tits flat into hers. Our breasts grew slick with sweat and the clear fluid from the nipple she had busted open, but I pressed on. She moaned and quivered as I asserted my tit-dominance over her own assets. I wanted to let her know who had the better tits in this fight. We slammed titties over and over. Each collision brought a gasp from me and a scream for her. Even the slightest contact now was like razors across her chest in her weakened condition. I was leaning over her now, on my knees and my legs spread to straddle her hips while I ground my tits into hers. It hurt, but I was hurting her more.

Then she turned the tables again. My new position left my pussy exposed, and she was able to get her leg up and smash her knee into my crotch. I rolled over on my side as she stood up. She staggered and fell into the corner, wincing as she cradled her destroyed mammaries. I got up, a little weak-kneed, and we closed the distance again.

We traded a blinding series of punches, knees and kicks bent on smashing into breasts, stomachs, faces and legs. She was the more experienced kick-boxer though, and while I got my shots in, it was I that ended up tangled in the ropes again.


This time she went low. She smashed her knee repeatedly into my pussy. I could feel her kneecap connect into my crotch, parting my lips and smashing into my clit. She bent down and send hard, right uppercuts into my privates. The smacking sound of leather against pussy was intoxicating to her. My head rolled from side to side as I tried to shake off the pain, but I couldn’t help but notice I was screaming, yelling at the top of my lungs everytime she sent a haymaker into my snatch. Her next punch sent the fabric of my thong deep into my lips, wedging it there. She punched me just above my pussy, which had the effect of dragging my thong-floss through my lips with each impact, scraping the lace against my most sensitive insides. In a daze I looked down and realized that a trickle of blood was running down one leg.

This had to stop now! As she stepped back for another swing, I lifted my hips off the ground, my arms supporting me in the ropes as I wrapped my legs around her waist. Cherisa was completely stunned by the fact that the kick-boxing match had now turned into wrestling. Wrestling was something I did very well. I squeezed my strong thighs, clamping them tightly around the black woman, forcing the air from her lips as she gasped in pain. I drew her in with my legs, like a spider bundling its prey. When she was close enough I let go with one arm and started to bash her knobs with my leather. She couldn’t pull back, couldn’t escape. As my legs held her and squeezed her dry, my punches went to her most vulnerable spots. I didn’t stop until her grapefruit sized orbs were covered in tiny nicks and cuts. They were slicked with blood from a dozen tiny wounds that bled down her chest and stained my skirt. Clear fluid leaked from both of her breasts, mixing with the bright red blood while she sobbed her defeat.

I unclasped my legs and she dropped like a lifeless sack onto the canvas. I got up and stared down at her. This bitch had almost stopped me. The anger grew in me, at what she did to my own chest and to my pussy. The bloodthirsty nature of this place and the ruthless nature of the fight really reminded me of Mimi. I could see her down there down, beneath my feet. I imagined that Cherisa was Mimi. She was unconscious, but that didn’t stop me. I kicked and kicked at her tits and pussy, mashing them into pulp. She didn’t stir the whole time, out cold, and offered no resistance to the mauling she was receiving. It took three bouncers to finally pry me off that unconscious woman, who would probably never fight again.

I was on my way.

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    Wow! Dark, but still riveting & excitingly vicious! LOL!
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    Thanks Sonja, just not sure it fits. I might retcon this still.
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    Excellent story, and the draw is from Meto and is excellent.
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    Debbi, Love the story! I feel you don't have to worry about it fitting. I read it as if you had some anger to burn off after what happened with Mimi. Maybe this is what you want to do to Mimi next time you see her?
  • Posted: October 14, 2015 16:05


    I must say that I was extremely excited to see this story come out, though not for the regular reason. While the writing is wonderful as always and the action enjoyable, my excitement comes from the fact that this is the last of the pre-hiatus stories and after this will be all new adventures from our favorite catfighter! I can hardly wait for the new chapters and I hope they come out soon!
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    Yes, that's right. This was the last story in the diary. I have a new one in mind :)
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    Welcome back Debbi, really miss you. ;)
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    Thank you so much! I missed being away. Working on this site makes me happy again.
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    That's good to hear :) Wanna wrestle with me? I'm the one of the right:
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    "I wanted revenge. I didn’t care if I killed her. Mimi had gone beyond beating me. For thirty minutes she had made me her bitch in front of all my friends and fans. For that she would pay." This sounds like a story up my alley. Probably too rough and too much of a final ending for this site. BUT, if you eliminated it from the story line and made it some "alternate universe" tale then maybe a private revenge fight to the final finish might work. Welcome back gorgeous! You've been missed. A LOT! :)
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    Thanks :). I think I'll keep this tale, but the new one will pick up from where we left off after Mimi beats me. So good to see you around too!
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    Debbie, are you looking for writers for your website?
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    Thank you, but I've decided I will be focusing on my own writing for the future. I'm trying to get better.
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    I see... Your writing is as good as it is :)
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    If you decide to remove this from canon, perhaps you could put Debbi in another boxing match? This time with a more upbeat setting?
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    Sure! And yes, I have decided to remove this story from Cannon. The story will pick up from my recovery at Mimi's hands.
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    Dark Giant

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