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A story by new writer, Maeve!  Maeve is a talented writer, and she is starting a new series with arena fights and BDSM overtones. Please let us know what you think! She is eager for comments!


Piper sat on the wooden bench staring down at her hands.  She heard the crowd somewhere above her gabbing and screaming, and she knew it was almost time for the main event.  She reached a hand up to finger the tight leather collar wound around her throat, and the little bell hanging off the front jingled as she fiddled with it.  It was always too tight, had always felt very tight ever since she’d put it on her two years ago on her eighteenth birthday. On that day they had taken her from her home, forced to kneel before the local priest, and sold to the highest bidder.  

Piper’s Domina was a wicked woman named Thalia.  Not that Piper had ever called her by her given name.  Such a thing would have lead to severe punishment. She let her hands fall away from her collar and down her chest to the tiny leather triangles of leather that covered her large breasts.  Even the slave outfits, and maid uniforms she always wore hid more than this thing. The bottoms were no better, a leather thong that didn’t cover all of her privates. Domina had never ever let anyone touch Piper but herself.  Piper was her prize slave and had always been afforded certain privileges. Piper was exquisite, and she knew it because everyone always told her so. She had long wavy red hair that she supposed was attractive. Domina Thalia had always told her that her lips were meant for men, whatever that was supposed to mean.  Piper had always assumed she was at least pretty, but many of the slaves behaved coldly towards her. Perhaps they thought she took her looks for granted.

A door at the other end of the hall opened with an echoing boom, and out of the dark shadows stepped a tall woman clad in a leather cat-suit.  Mistress Laci had been in charge of the slave stables for years, and she kept a firm hold of anyone who found themselves in her jurisdiction. Piper quickly averted her gaze and stared hard at her feet. Mistress Laci was a tall woman, stunningly beautiful with deep purple eyes, and a stern mouth that bit just as well as it barked. The tan curved flesh of her breasts nearly burst from her skin tight leather suit, and Piper’s eyes lingered on them for just a moment longer than she should have.

The Domina stalked up to Piper, and with no preamble, jerked her to her feet and rubbed oil all over Piper’s body.  Piper bore this in silence for a long moment, letting the Mistress slick her body down as much for the aesthetics as for the fight itself. The warm oil made Piper’s skin tingle. She still didn’t know who her opponent was. She remained silent as long as she could, but finally she could stand it no longer.  

“Mistress?” Piper asked in a soft whisper.  

The taller Domme frowned down at her and spoke through pursed lips.  “Yes, slave?”

“May I ask, who my opponent is today?”

Mistress Laci smiled down at her, “Why, your opponent is Vivian, the champion of the region.”  

Piper’s blood went cold.  Vivian was the worst possible opponent for Piper.  She was big, strong, fast, and worst of all the crowd loved her. She had the most victories ever for a slave and often beat up the girls who tried to win their freedom just for kicks.

Something of Piper’s fear must have shown on her face, because Mistress Laci favored her with a wide, wicked smile. “Well, at least you know how screwed you are.”  She leaned down to whisper conspiratorially, “And you know of course what happens when Vivian wins, don’t you?” Piper did, everyone did. Vivian was well known for her appetites.

Mistress Laci hooked a leash to Piper’s collar and pulled her towards the heavy door that lead out to the arena.  As they stepped up to it, the noise from the crowd filtered through. She tried to put on a brave face, but Mistress Laci saw her tremble, and gave her a sharp slap on her almost bare ass.

“Look alive girl, give the crowd a show and maybe you won’t be beat too badly.”

Piper had a hard time believing that, Vivian never showed mercy. Ever. A mans voice suddenly rang out, stilling the cries of the crowd.

“And now! Ladies and Gentleman it’s time for what you’ve all been waiting for!”  The crowd went ballistic. Piper wondered if the arena would collapse under the weight of stamping feet and screaming masses of humanity.  She hoped it would, so this would be called off and she could crawl back to her Domina and pretend none of this had happened.

Before she really contemplated running, Mistress Laci seized a fistful of Piper’s hair and tossed through the gate where she stumbled and landed on her knees. Piper’s top promptly snapped off, the thin strings giving way, and her large breasts burst out for all the crowd to see. Piper screamed and clasped her hands across her exposed breasts. The crowd jeered and hissed at her.  She staggered to her feet, and kept her hands covering as much of her as she could, but the skimpy thong showed basically everything, and now she didn’t even have what little covering the bikini top had provided.

A bellowing voice rang out over the crowd,  “And her opponent, winner of a record 25 straight contests, The Slave Breaker herself… Vivian!”  The crowd erupted into shouts and stomps. Across the sandy arena, another heavy gate opposite of Piper’s slowly opened, and out stepped one of the largest women Piper had ever seen.

Vivian was at least six inches taller than Piper, with long silky black hair, and piercing blue eyes.  She was well muscled and toned, with rock hard abdominal muscles, and large full breasts. And of course, she wore a very skimpy bikini.  Although, Piper noticed, Vivian managed to enter the arena without falling out of her top. Maybe no one had shoved her.

Piper and the larger woman approached each other and met in the approximate center of the arena.  The other woman leered at Piper, and made a show of looking her up and down before hissing through her teeth, “I’ll have fun with you little girl.” Piper gulped and took a step back.  Vivian was a legend, she couldn’t believe she got matched up against this monster.

A short, squat, ugly man waddled across the sand towards them holding a microphone. He stopped halfway between the two women and spoke, “Welcome contestants! This will be a sanctioned submission battle, there are no rules. Anything goes, but try not to kill each other. It makes a mess.”  He gave Vivian a knowing smile as if she were the only person who may accidental kill someone.

The hideous man turned to Piper and gave her a disgusting look. “Now, Piper you have invoked your right to fight for your freedom. As you know all slaves get one chance, and only one chance. You understand this, yes?”  Piper nodded. “Good, now there’s been a change.. I was given word just moments ago that Domina Thalia has sold Piper’s contract to none other than Vivian herself!”

Piper’s mouth fell open.  “Wait, what?”

The man nodded at Vivian, “Yes, Vivian here purchased your slave rights from your Domina just before entering the arena. So if she wins, you will be her permanent slave.” This couldn’t be happening. Vivian’s slave? No. Now she really had to find a way to win. The crowd was roaring with approval. They loved high stakes matches, and this was a novelty. Piper had never heard of a slave having to fight her owner for her freedom. Why was this happening?

The man nodded at Vivian, who nodded back, and then turned to face Piper. “Ready slave? I cannot wait to get my hands on you.”

Piper gaped and tried to think of a tough sounding response. That would have been much easier if she wasn’t covering her breasts with her hands and dressed in the tiniest leather thong she’d ever seen.

“Are our contestants ready?”

Vivian nodded and shrugged, “This won’t take long.”

“R… Ready…” whispered Piper.

“Then begin!”

Vivian wasted no time.  She dashed across the sand so fast Piper didn’t have time to raise her hands from her breasts before Vivian tackled her to the sand. Piper screamed in surprise and twisted, trying to use the scramble to get out from under the heavier woman.  But Vivian slammed a fist into Piper’s stomach. Piper gagged and coughed, the blow tore all the air from her body. Dizziness swept over Piper, and it was all she could do to curl into a ball, pinned under the bigger woman’s weight.

Piper felt a strong hand slip around her throat and squeeze, and suddenly her head was jerked up towards Vivian’s leering face, “Oh, is this it? I was expecting a little… more.”  And then she slammed Piper’s head down into the sand. Piper screamed again, and her hands flew up to protect her head, but Vivian merely smashed another blow into Piper’s stomach. Agony wracked Piper’s body, there were too many sensations assaulting her. She couldn’t get her hands in the right position to defend herself. The crowd was eating this up, through the tears of pain and her own frantic gasps for air, Piper could hear them screaming their faces off.

Vivian grabbed a fistful of Piper’s hair and dragged her to her feet with one hand. The huge woman pulled and jerked Piper around in a wide circle to give the crowd the perfect chance to stare and point at her. Piper screamed and tried to pull away, but the hand in her hair had a firm grip, and all she managed to do was add more pain to her humiliation.

Vivian grinned at her, “Come on slave, give me your best shot. You have little time.”  She gave Piper a slap across the face, and Piper staggered nearly falling to her knees. Her cheeks burned, but she regained her balance enough to make a desperate attempt at kicking Vivian in the knee.

Before she could, Vivian drove her knee into Piper’s solar plexus, putting what felt like all of her strength into it.  Piper retched and gagged, her legs turned to water. Vivian let go and Piper collapsed face first into the sand. All the strength in her body melted away as she curled into the fetal position and wept into the sand.

Vivian stood over her, posing for the crowd, flexing and blowing kisses. She slipped her tight, leather bikini top off her shoulders and waved it around her head like a stripper.  The crowd roared in approval. Then she bent down slowly, caressing Piper’s tear soaked cheek and whispered in her ear. “God, I love breaking brave little slaves who think they should be free. It’s just my favorite thing ever!”  She gave piper a wink, and spun her bikini top around and around, coiling it like a rope; and then she slipped it around Piper’s neck and pulled her up so the crowd got a good look at her sand covered tits. They jeered and roared at Piper’s prone form. Piper whimpered softly, she was telling her body to move, but it wouldn’t respond to her.

Vivian pulled her up to a kneeling position and reached down to cup one of Piper’s breasts, pinching the nipple between her fingernails and twisting it painfully. Piper whimpered and tried to push the hand away, but she had no strength and she didn’t even budge the big woman’s hand. Vivian shook her head and slapped Piper across the face.  “Wake up girl, give these people a show.” Piper tried to move, to fight back, to resist, but her body just wouldn’t move. Vivian sighed and shrugged her massive shoulders, “All right then. I guess my first acquisition will be easy.”

She spun Piper around in the sand, and before Piper knew what was coming, she slammed her knee into Piper’s face, mashing her lips against her teeth and sending Piper tumbling backwards.  She landed flat on her back, her arms and legs splayed out to either side of her. Piper’s body shut down, her thoughts came slow and half-formed.

Vivian skipped forward jauntily, stepping on Piper’s hand and grinding it into the sand with a little flourish for the crowd. The pain barely registered to Piper, her brain was shutting down now. Vivian leaned down and with a casual flick of her wrist, snapped Piper’s thin thong off. She tossed it onto Piper’s face, partially occluding her already fogged vision. Piper barely saw her raise one foot, and knew what was probably next, but couldn’t do a thing to stop it.

She was right, Vivian pressed her foot against her exposed mound. Piper moaned weakly, but her body only squirmed weakly. She reached down and wrapped both her hands around Piper’s neck. Piper suddenly couldn’t breathe. She gasped and gagged, clutching weakly at the fingers digging into her flesh, but they were as unyielding as stone. Vivian lifted her easily up off the sand and into the air. Piper somehow found the strength to kick her feet, desperately tried to hit any part of Vivian she could reach. But her kicks had no impact on the huge woman.

Vivian smiled and squeezed harder, and Piper’s vision faded to red. Over the pounding roar in her ears she could hear the gasps of the crowd as they watched, sensing the end was near. Piper felt her hands lose what little strength they had left, and she couldn’t tell if her legs were still moving or not. All she could see was stars begin to pop in front of her eyes, and black veins appeared in front of her eyes. She had no choice. With a choking cry of pain, Piper began frantically tapping her hand on Vivian’s arm, the age old signal of submission.

Vivian let go immediately, and Piper fell to the ground, landing flat on her back with a dull thud and a weak moan of pain. The arena exploded into cheers, but Piper didn’t hear them. Her body was shutting down. The last thing she saw before darkness swallowed her was Vivian pressing her foot to Piper’s neck and posing for the crowd while they cheered. Another slave had been broken.


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  • Posted: January 6, 2019 18:52


    I gotta say, this is pretty good. The brutality of this one-sided arena fight is decribed very well. I hope to see more work from Maeve. Wow! I honestly wasn’t expecting to see an update, after so long. Does this mean that the hiatus is over? Will we be seeing more new stories? Maybe the return of some of the older ones, too? I hope so.
  • Posted: January 7, 2019 06:48


    Pretty good! Im looking for to seeing Mimi vs you3 too soon hopefully!
  • Posted: January 26, 2019 17:09


    I liked it, really looking forward to new stories by Maeve