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Iris vs Lily

(Debbi’s note: This was one of my favorite series to write, despite its pro focus and lack of catfighting. Just love the artist!)

Race Queen Battle League – Iris vs. Lily
“Submit,” Iris whispered softly into Lily’s ear. Lily wanted to tell her to go to hell, but instead let loose a soft moan as Lily’s legs slowly, methodically, constricted around her chest. Lily’s breasts, trapped under Iris’s creamy but rock-hard thighs, exploded into twin points of pain as they deformed from the pressure of Iris’ chest scissors.

Submission was Iris’ specialty, a specialty that made her Team Ponda’s top star in the Race Queen Battle League. Rather than resorting to costly and time consuming legal means to settle their differences, auto manufacturers recruited and trained beautiful women to fight for the rights over car designs, contracts, or, in this case, the rights to hire the hottest Forumla One driver for next year’s racing season.

Iris calmly adjusted the back of her purple bikini bottoms and made sure her matching halter top was securely in place. Her calm patience was legendary in the league. She could wait hours for a submission from a hapless girl silly enough to get caught in one of her holds. The ring was quiet except for the slight squeaking coming from Iris’s thigh high wrestling boots as she poured the pressure into Lily’s chest, threatening to burst Lily’s orbs from the bright yellow bikini-top of her race-queen costume. Lily had fallen silent, but her tightly clenched jaw as well as the sweat that beaded down her face betrayed the intense pain she was undergoing.

Lily was not fairing well. She had to find a way to get out of the deadly scissor hold. She quickly ran through and rejected all the illegal tactics she knew. This was a professional match, and she represented a very formal client in Team Nisson. It wouldn’t do to go jabbing her fingers up into Lily’s crotch or reaching up to claw one of her breasts. Besides, she’d be immediately disqualified. Still, Lily’s upbringing as a poor, young, street-fighter urged her to do something, anything, to escape. So, she played dead.

There wasn’t anything in the rules about pretending to submit. To lose, a girl had to submit for real, and it was the your responsibility to make sure your opponent was truly out for good. Lily let herself go completely limp, her legs and arms falling to the canvas. Ignoring the pain, she relaxed her impish features and closed her eyes. She opened her mouth and exhaled completely. If this didn’t work, Lily would soon black out, but if it did…

Iris felt her opponent relax underneath her, but she didn’t stop the pressure. But when all the air escaped from Lily’s soft lips, Iris felt confident she had finished the job. She relaxed just slightly, opening her long, sleek legs just long enough to realize she had made a mistake. Lily’s doe-like eyes opened, and she shot up like a cannon, rolling out from Iris’s legs and away to safety.

Iris was furious as she leapt up to her feet and pursued the other girl across the canvas. How could she make such a rookie mistake? Was she getting too confident? It didn’t matter now, she’d replay the tape later and learn from her mistakes. What mattered was kicking the shit out of this bratty little girl circling the mat in front of her.

Lily dropped into her karate stance, and snapped her leg out into a swift side-kick, her short skirt parting slightly to reveal her yellow bikini-bottoms underneath. Her boot-encased calf connected solidly with the side of Iris’s head. Iris’s larger breasts jiggled from the impact as the boot crashed into her. Lily hooked her foot around Lily’s neck and, using the momentum, used it to hurl Iris down to the hard canvas.

Iris yelled on impact, and instinctively grabbed at her aching neck. She trashed in pain, wondering if she had sprained it in some way.

Lily came crashing down on top of her sideways. Like the street brawler she was, she was now using her knees to deliver gut-wrenching blows into Iris’s stomach and sides. Iris cried out with each shuddering connection to her soft, exposed belly. One, two, three kicks from Lily with no signs of stopping. “Submit!” Lily screamed at Iris before delivering another knee into Iris’ kidney. “Submit!” Lily snapped her knee into Iris’s stomach, just above her panty-line.


Iris was being pulverized by Lily’s vicious kneeing. Iris felt her insides knotting up, and she felt nauseous. As Lily’s knee once again connected with her stomach, she reached out and grabbed the boot around the back of Lily’s knee, hugging it tightly to herself, as she rose slightly and butted her shoulder into Lily’s stomach, toppling her over.

Iris had knocked the wind out of Lily, who lied face-up on the canvas; her long, blue-hair was sprawled around her prone form. Rising to her feet, Iris grabbed at one of Lily’s shapely legs and snapped her into a step-over toe hold. She wrapped her leg tightly across her thigh as she knelt down beside Lily. Using her thigh as leverage, she pressed down on Lily’s leg painfully. Iris enjoyed how this hold both tortured and humiliated her opponent, as it tended to split Lily’s legs and reveal her bikini-covered crotch to the audience in a most unflattering way.

Lily was pounding her arms on the canvas and yelling from the pain that Iris was inflicting. “Since you like kicking so much, you won’t mind if I split those lovely legs of yours, right hon?” cooed Iris. She shifted her position, laying down next to Lily. She wrapped her long legs around Lily’s left leg, and grabbed her right with both hands. Then Iris stretched herself straight, forming a perfect T-shape with Lily’s legs as the top of the “T.” Trapped in a classic leg-spread, Lily started to scream as the muscles stood out from the insides of her thighs, drawn taut by Iris’s hold.

Lily was now engaged in a contest of strength as she struggled to close her legs enough to sit up. Lily propped herself painfully onto her elbows to get more leverage while Iris arched her back to counter. Both girls were groaning from the effort; Iris back straining against Lily’s thighs.

She couldn’t sit up completely, but it was just enough for Lily to reach forward with all her strength and flexibility to grab Iris’s chin with both hands. Cupping her chin and digging her nails into Iris’ throat (for extra emphasis), Lily then leaned back as far as she could, causing Iris to arch her whole back and neck in pain.

Iris found her already injured neck strained to the limit. Yelling with anger, she released her hold and kicked out of the chin-lock. Both girls found themselves sitting across from each other on the canvas in a rare break from the action. Lily was clutching her aching thighs while Iris massaged her back and neck.

Race Queen Battle League – Iris vs. Lily
Lily was in intense pain. It felt like the insides of her thighs, especially near her crotch, were on fire. She could barely move her legs without twinges of pain, and didn’t know if she would be able to stand. At least Iris was hurting too, hopefully enough to give her time to recover, but she wasn’t going to wait to find out. Using her arms since her legs were still numb, she crawled over to Iris, who was still holding her back and moaning softly. She raised both arms in the air, and clenching her fists together, brought them down hard onto Iris’ stomach, just above her bikini-bottoms. Iris doubled up like a folded matchbook from the blow, letting out a satisfying scream. Lily repeated the move, and Iris lurched again. This time tears were started to well in Iris’ eyes.

Lily shifted her knee to rest on Iris’s throat in a rocking horse chokehold. Rocking her knee back and forth, she began to choke a silent Iris, whose windpipe was too crushed to cry out from the torture. Iris had two hands on Lily’s leg, trying to relieve the pressure.

But Iris was too weak to roll her attacker off her neck in the traditional countermove. Instead, she grabbed at Lily’s foot and twisted it violently. She was rewarded with a yelp and a surprised Lily toppling onto her ass.

Iris dove onto her opponent, who lay flat on her back. She grabbed both her ankles and forced Lily’s legs apart again, splitting them painfully at the crotch as Iris tried to bend Lily’s legs up to her sides while leaning down on top of her. This time it was Lily’s time to cry, as her hands reached down to her crotch and aching inner thighs in reaction to the pain.

Iris put her full weight behind her as she stretched out her arms, driving Lily’s legs apart and wrenching another scream from her lips. Lily was thrashing like some animal trying to escape a hunter’s trap. Once Iris was satisfied that Lily was too dazed to counter, she dropped back and sat down, threading her legs into Lily’s in a figure four leg lock.

But this was no ordinarily figure four. Once her legs were securely wrapped around Lily’s own aching lower limbs, Iris rolled onto her back, forcing Lily’s legs and back to lift high in the air, and flipping her slit skirt open to reveal her aching crotch. Reaching forward, Iris grabbed Lily’s wrists and yanked them savagely towards her, completing her custom “torture rack” hold on an unwilling Lily.

Lily screamed as her back arched and her legs spiked with renewed pain. Her breasts were heaving as she hung upside down while Iris would push her legs higher, causing Lily to spasm again and cry out pitifully. This time, Iris didn’t have to ask.

“I give! Ahh, I give! No more!” cried Lily as Iris calmly applied more pressure. Iris enjoyed submission work, and didn’t let Lily go immediately, and instead thrust her legs even higher.


“Oh god! I give! Stop, please stop!”

As hot tears rolled down Lily’s cheeks, the executives from Team Nisson rose from the back row, shaking hands with Team Ponda’s team. As Iris continued to wrench more screams from Lily, they conceded the match and left the arena in shame.

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  • Posted: October 22, 2015 21:31


    I remember to the artist, he have a page with art catfight and wrestling of sailor moon, the draw is amazing.
  • Posted: October 22, 2015 22:55


    Oh yes, he did do a lot of Sailor Moon catfighting on his web page.
  • Posted: October 23, 2015 12:07

    Shepherd Gunn

    What web site it's that? I must of missed it over the years.
  • Posted: October 23, 2015 13:45


    Artist went by the name Pluto and was in Japanese only.
  • Posted: October 24, 2015 02:31


    Excellent text and matching art!
  • Posted: October 24, 2015 19:34


    This website:
  • Posted: October 24, 2015 21:50


    Thank you. Yes, that's him. I just sent him an e-mail...hope he's still answering.
  • Posted: November 8, 2015 14:01

    Charlie Rock

    Wasn't there a sequel to this story?
  • Posted: November 9, 2015 12:14


    There is more in the series!