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KO Corral – Bar Fighting

(Debbi’s Note: Guest writer, Kandi, wrote this for our site)

By Kandi:

The KO Corral is a unique fight venue. It consists of an indoor ring, but instead of canvas, the floor is covered with sawdust, and instead of the typical ropes and turnbuckles, the ring is surrounded by split rail fence, wrapped with thin foam pads, but the wooden cornerposts are just bare wood. The owner, who calls himself Spike, has continued to hold a bi-weekly Amateur night at this unique arena since the first Amateur night was such an initial rousing success. The rules at the Corral are similar to extreme fighting rules. Fighters use padded sparring gloves that cover their knuckles but allow their fingers free for grabbing and holding. Combatants are required to use headgear and mouth guards too, because the rules allow punching, kicking, and hitting while down. There is no submission and all fights go to KO, thus the name KO Corral is apt.

Desiree had become a regular at the KO corral’s Amateur night fights since they began 6 months ago. After watching the first few Amateur night fights, she could not resist getting in there herself. The 6’0″ substantial blonde who earns a pretty good living as a local stripper, showed a real flair for cruel and brutal fighting, of which she seemed unable to get enough. She had enrapt the crowds with unrelenting abuse of all Amateur night fighters foolish or unlucky enough to take her on.

The first fight of the night had just ended with a quick KO of a goofy little cheerleader type, athletic enough but not qualified to get-it-on with the tattooed biker babe who kicked her scrawny little butt. Now Desiree was standing in the corner, waiting ominously to see who her victim would be this time, her blood lust only piqued by the brief first bout. As Desiree shifted her weight from one foot to the other like a thoroughbred racehorse locked in the paddock, her large DD implants shook up and down in a steady unnaturally rubbery rhythm, threatening to dance up and out of her skimpy sequined black string bikini top with each upward lurch. She had on black leather sparring gloves and cruel looking black leather boots.

As Spike canvassed the audience for the next challenger, Irene got a poke in the ribs from her boyfriend, “Go on.. you can take her… look at those big fat inflated targets!” “No way you can miss ’em, no matter where you swing at her, you’re gunna hit tit!”

Irene laughed and quickly stood, waving at Spike to volunteer to be next. She and her boyfriend had already talked and planned for this extensively. They had scouted Desiree during her last 2 fights. Irene was itching to plow her fists into those fake boobs hoping to split one open like a summer fun water balloon. Irene’s bouncy blouse caught Spike’s attention immediately and he pulled her out of the crowd and escorted her to ring, asking her to remove her shirt and jeans revealing a cool zebra suspender bikini that brought a cheer and hoots from the raucous crowd. Irene looked like a jaguar ready to pounce as she climbed into the ring over the top rail and bounded down into the soft arena floor, her sneakers leaving an impression in the sawdust. As her feet hit, her large natural DD chest wobbled in every direction. Not as high and proud as Desiree’s, Irene’s chest was just as impressive and clearly all natural, with her nipples tracing dots the size of pencil erasers in the striped fabric of her bikini top.

Desiree was already plotting how best to rip that expensive foo-foo outfit off her smaller Asian opponent as she gave Irene the evil eye. Irene just looked around the ring, a bit in awe of the large crowd, and just a bit distracted. Her boy friend was yelling at her to concentrate and she tried to focus on the plan they’d constructed. It was a simple plan, pound Desiree’s big boobs to bring her guard down, then lay her out with a few well-placed right hooks to her dye-blonde temple and flapping jaw. No way she wouldn’t drop her fists to protect that expensive boob job. Irene had seen that none of Desiree’s other opponents had taken her chest on directly, they had made the mistake of boxing or wrestling with her. Irene was intent on taking the fight directly to her tits, hard and fast and unrelenting.

Round 1

DING! The bell to start round 1 caught Irene by surprise, she jumped as the sound startled her. Her surprise delayed her progress from her corner and Desiree met her only 2 steps in toward center-ring. Desiree approached her with gloves up and easily picked off Irene’s left jab tentatively thrown at her face. Desiree was grinning at the prospect of systematically destroying this perky little slant-eyed bitch and sent a looping right hook at her pretty face. Irene ducked it and slipped away, circling to her right and out of the corner toward center-ring. Desiree grunted and spun to face the quick little minx, “Get back here and take your medicine you bitch!”

As Desiree spoke, Irene landed the first punch of the fight, bringing a cheer from the crowd as she lifted the bigger girl’s left tit with a solid right uppercut. Desiree had taken shots to her tits before and expected to take a few each time she entered the ring. She winced as her massive left melon was smashed from below and driven up half exposing her large red oval areola, her nipple poking up hanging barely covered by her left bra cup. Irene’s boyfriend was cheering the loudest, “Wow what a shot, atta girl, pound those puppies… mash her melons!”

Desiree shrugged it off and plodded forward defiantly, her mean eyes now firmly focused on her wily opponent. Irene backed off defensively only enough to draw Desiree in, then planted her feet and sent a karate-style kick into Desiree’s bare midriff. Irene’s heel stabbed into Desiree’s bare belly stopping her in her tracks. Desiree bent in half then slowly straightened back up like a robot, re-fixing her gaze on the source of her distress, “Oh.. you really want me to hurt you bad, don’t you, you sorry sow!”

“Bring it on, you saggy fake-boobed bimbo,” Irene responded, heightening the arousal of the crowd. Irene felt her confidence and concentration rising as she launched a big left cross that slammed Desiree’s left boob out into her raised left elbow, driving the fabric of her bra completely off and exposing the sloshy sexy sack. This time Desiree shook her head “no”, trying to convince everyone the solid shot had no impact. But the crowd could clearly see the reddening of the soft milky white flesh now released to flop freely on her chest.


Desiree was getting madder by the minute and tried to send a boot into the Asian girl’s sexy midsection. But Irene spun 180 degrees, ending up standing next to Desiree on her left, facing in the same direction, then she stabbed her right elbow backward directly into Desiree’s exposed floppy left mammary. Irene’s boyfriend screamed “What a move! Work it baby,” as Desiree’s could not choke back a high-pitched squeal of pain. Irene’s pointy elbow had smashed Desiree’s nipple back deep into her implant. Irene continued her assault by spinning behind Desiree and giving her a hard shot to the right kidney that froze her in place long enough for Irene to deftly unclasp Desiree’s bra and shove it off her shoulders, letting it fall into the sawdust. The crowd roared as they were treated to a full view of Desiree’s substantial assets.

Desiree turned trying to backhand her tricky little opponent, but Irene had already stepped away and circled around to kick the fallen bikini top up and out of the ring. Now the two squared off again, fists up in a classic boxing stance. Irene sent a right footed side kick toward Desiree’s head, but the bigger girl blocked it with her left shoulder and managed to hook Irene’s leg, holding it up under the knee. Desiree then pounded her right fist into Irene’s left inner thigh then poked her straight in her unprotected zebra covered bikini bottom. Irene winced at the cruel low blow but managed to drive a left cross into Desiree’s dangling left boob, causing her to release Irene’s leg. Irene stumbled back gently massaging the pain of her pubic mound with her right glove. Desiree also took a moment to recover, moving her left inner forearm up and down against her sore swelling left big boob, feeling her own rock hard left nipple scrape against her soft inner arm. Irene was the first to make a move, suddenly lowering her head and ramming it into Desiree’s belly. Desiree was forced back into the rails but trapped Irene’s head in a headlock and proceeded to drive her right fist down hard onto her middle back and spine, just as the bell sounded. Desiree twisted and drove the top of Irene’s head into the top rail before releasing her hold and moving to her corner for a cold drink of water.

Irene’s boyfriend met her in the corner asking about the crotch shot and offering some bottled water while congratulating her on the boob busting she’d accomplished. She now sported a small red splotch in the middle of her forehead where it had banged against the top rail. Irene gulped down 2 bottles of water and shrugged off concern for the low blow, joking to her boyfriend, “you’re just looking for any excuse to look in my pants, aren’t ya dear?”

Round 2.

Irene stepped out confidently and met Desiree center-ring bobbing and weaving, then poking a solid straight right into Desiree’s big pillowly bare left boob. Desiree typically had no problem absorbing a few tit punches but this continued targeted abuse of her left tit was more than she bargained for. It was clearly having the desired effect. As expected, Desiree tucked in her left elbow and lowered her left glove to guard her tit, and Irene was ready, sending a right hook to her left temple. Blonde hair flew as the punch connected and Desiree stepped back momentarily stunned. Irene took the opening to launch a right uppercut that slammed Desiree’s bruised and swelling left mammary up against her left shoulder, the boob flopping back down with the Jello-ey implant sloshing in all directions. The crowd had never seen Desiree’s tit take this kind of abuse and they were on the edge of their seats cheering for Irene to keep it up. But as Irene came in to continue to work the body, Desiree placed her left glove gently on Irene’s forehead and bent her head back and up, then she shot her right glove into Irene’s throat. The Asian girl made a gurgling sound as she staggered back into the rails with Desiree right there to pin her up against them. Desiree shot a vicious right calculated to dig in just at the top of Irene’s pubic mound. She followed up with a forearm smash to Irene’s chest that simultaneously sent both fleshy orbs billowing from her top. Desiree was surprised at how her forearm rebounded from the spongy springiness of Irene’s chest. So she chopped her again and again with elbow and foreamr smashes, enjoying the sight and feel of Irene’s boobs cushioning her arm. Irene felt her nipples poking up as they absorbed the battering and responded to the painful stimulation. When Irene finally lowered her arms to protect her chest, Desiree swept her gloves across her shoulders peeling off the straps of Irene’s top and allowing her big natural breasts to be exposed. But Desiree was not finished. She snaked her thumbs into the bottoms of the bikini and peeled it down and off her shocked opponent. The audience was treated to a full view of Irene’s voluptuous fully nude body, most eyes stopping to glare at her triangle patch of long straight whispy black pubic hair.

Desiree tossed Irene’s bikini like a prize to the salivating crowd. The now naked challenger peeled herself off the rail shyly clutching her amble chest, unable to hide her naked sex from the gawking crowd. This had not gone as planned. Irene tried to gather her thoughts, finally out of frustration and anger, she simply lowered her head and charged again. Desiree saw her coming and at the last second raised her knee into the pit of the on-rushing girl’s stomach. Irene was stopped in her tracks bent in half. Desiree moved around behind her and put her in a reverse bear hug, with Irene’s arms trapped at her sides allowing her DD breasts to flop free. Desiree lifted the stricken girl up off her feet and over to the rails, positioning her so as she shook her up and down, Irene’s bare boobs slapped down against the top rail. “So.. you want to hit tits, eh.. well.. let’s just see how much your hevy bags can take, shall we, my little slant-eyed doll?” Desiree taunted as she smashed Irene’s fleshy mounds down onto the top of the rail again and again in a slap, slap, slap rhythm. When the bell sounded, the soft sensitive undersides of her tits were turning beet red and her engorged swollen nipples were jutting out more than half an inch from puffy swelling dime-sized areolas.

In Irene’s corner, her boyfriend tried to be encouraging as he pressed a cold compress to her chest, lifting her reddening stinging boobs up to soothe the undersides with cool wetness, and told her to go back to work on Desiree’s left tit. Irene nodded as she drank 2 more bottles of water.

Round 3.

Irene felt vulnerable as she rose naked from her stool and plodded out toward center-ring at the bell for Round 3 to meet her topless opponent. Desiree was like a machine, all business as she swung a looping right hook at the pretty Asian’s face. Irene instinctively ducted the punch and came up putting her knees behind a huge right uppercut to Desiree’s unguarded left bare boob. Desiree screamed as Irene’s leathered fist raked up across her sore swollen left nipple. The crowd was in awe of this devastating tit punch. Desiree backed up cradling her wounded boob in her left arm. Irene stepped forward and right into the heel of Desiree’s black boot, that drove deep into her lower abdomen, smashing her bladder and making her regret having taken in all that water.

Desiree clamped Irene into another head lock and led her over to the bare wood cornerpost where she proceeded to bang her head down against the top of the post. After 4 blows, she spun the girl around and shoved her back-first against the post, a nasty red knot was already rising in the middle of her forehead. Irene was dazed and reached back to hold onto the top rail to steady herself. Desiree smiled as she went to work on Irene’s exposed chest with an array of punches: left cross to the left tit; right cross to the right tit, left uppercut to the right one, straight right to the right one. Irene’s luscious boobs were flapping all over her chest. The crowd was screaming, “More.. more.. pound her tits flat Desi!”

As the cobwebs slowly cleared, pierced by the mounting pain in her chest, Irene started to focus again, she managed to bring her arms in and cross them to cover her bounding boobs. Irene was not prepared for the pain of having her soft full breasts used as punching bags by this dye-job ditz. Desiree just took her aim lower and proceeded to bring her knee up into Irene’s naked crotch, enjoying the feel of Irene’s soft silky long black pubes as they tickled the top of her knee when it banged against Irene’s pubic bone. Irene felt sick to her stomach as her knees began to wobble from the electric pain shootin through her sex. But Desiree pressed in against her, holding her in the corner and started to land more body blows: right to the belly, right to the ribs, right low to the pubis. Irene finally lowered her guard, allowing Desiree to dig in with a right to the left nipple and a right uppercut to the underside of her puffy swelling bare left boob. Desiree lifted her knee to Irene’s naked bush again and this time Irene slumped down the cornerpost onto her knees, hurt and nausiated.

Irene reached back and tried to catch herself with a hand on the middle rail, but her hand slipped off and she landed on all fours. Desiree stepped back and reached for Irene’s left wrist, as if to help her up. The crowd was chanting, “Come on Irene …get up baby… you can do it… your tits can take it!”. Desiree lifted Irene’s left arm up high, exposing her armpit and left side. Desiree gently poked Irene’s dangling big left tit, teasing it with the toe of her boot, brushing it from side to side by pushing softly against the jutting nipple… then, suddenly, she kicked her boot up brutally into the hanging mammary, smashing it up against Irene’s chest. Irene shrieked in pain as her tit was kicked up into her chest. The massive gland wobbled as it drooped back down and the bell sounded. But Desiree could not resist and plowed another kick up into the suspended boob, knocking it around like a hanging speed bag, the puffy areola turning bright agitated red.

Irene managed to slowly crawl to her corner where her boyfriend applied an ice pack to her tits and poured water between her leg attempting to soothe her battered bush. He was confident she could mount a comeback. “Baby, you gotta hang in there, I know her left tit can’t take much more.. you almost burst her with that uppercut! Do it again… stay focused and pound her flat!” Before the bell Irene’s boyfriend got out some Vaseline and smeared some across her sore swollen tits, “You gotta keep the skin moist or it may split with the swelling, babe.” Irene moaned resignedly.

Round 4.

Desiree charged out of her corner at the bell for Round 4, like a predator who smelled the blood of her prey. She came at Irene with a solid punch to the belly and followed with a roundhouse right hook. Irene ducked and sidestepped. Desiree’s arm swept through nothing but air and she found herself against the rail facing out toward the crowd. Irene pressed her shoulder into Desiree’s back trapping her there. Irene pounded Desiree’s lower back and kidney with her right fist, then wrenched Desiree’s left arm around behind her back, holding it in place with her right glove. Irene then reached around and slammed her left glove down on top of Desiree’s bruised left tit, flattening it down on top of the top rail. Irene chopped down on the boob again and again. On the fourth blow Desiree felt a burning sensation that surely signaled her implant had burst. Another chop and a small drop of clear fluid glistened at the tip of the left nipple. Desiree flew into a rage. She muscled her right arm free and drove her elbow backwards. The pointy elbow cracked into Irene’s right ribs causing her to release her hold and stagger back toward center-ring.

Desiree turned to face her tormenter, then glanced down to survey her seeping left nipple. Her once unnaturally high breast was now visibly lower. This only enraged her more as she began to rain down a torrent of blows on Irene’s head, driving her back against the rails flailing her arms defensively. Desiree shoved her left glove into Irene’s throat and began to choke her, pinned back against the rails. Irene’s face began to turn from pink, to red to purple as Desiree waited for the choke hold to weaken her opponent. Desiree saw Irene’s eyes begin to close and released the choke hold, planting two quick knees up into her softened undefended belly. Irene whoofed with each impact and Desiree studied Irene’s bounding boobs as they rebounded from the hard belly shots. She lowered her aim and brought her knee crashing up into Irene’s slightly splayed hairy crotch with a “thud.” Irene emitted another tiny squeak as her whole body spasmed with the impact to her sensitive pubis.


Irene might have gone down with that shot, but Desiree was far from finished and pressed her left glove against Irene’s body to keep it held against the rails. Simultaneously Desiree bit and chewed at the laces of her right glove until she was able to pull them free with her teeth and peel off her right glove. She balled up her bare fist while grinning cheek to cheek, “Now it’s time you learn a few lessons about tit punches, honey!” Desiree drove her bare knuckles into the outside portion of Irene’s left breast, just along side the nipple. Irene’s breast meat cushioned the fist, softly expanding around the boney knuckles as they indented the tender breast flesh. Desiree drove her barefist straight in again and again until the breast began to discolor, the bruised breast flesh modling around Desiree’s gouging knuckles. She then leaned back slightly allowing room for her bare fist to slam up into the soft underside of the breast, folding it in half horizontally. Desiree’s knuckles raked up across the swollen nipple tearing open a small cut just below the areola, despite the softening the Vasoline provided. Irene’s head began to lull from side to side and Desiree worried her fun might come to an end. So she reached down and curled her finger around a few long black strands of Irene’s pubic hair, and gave a hard yank. This initial abuse didn’t have the desired effect, so Desiree release the strands coming from the top of Irene’s triangle patch, and grabbed a few strands from the area just above Irene’s clitoris. A good hard tug on those had Irene’s eye’s wide as she struggled to deal with this unusual and painful stimulation. “Welcome, back, doll-face… don’t want you to miss any of this lesson!”

Desiree shot two more bareknuckle punches up into Irene’s left tit, hitting the underside right on the open cut. She then drove a knee to the pliant belly and another to Irene’s exposed sex before hefting Irene’s body up onto her shoulder and toting her over to the cornerpost where she uncerimonially dumped her bare back onto the post. Irene’s body was draped backwards over the post presenting little resistance as Desiree pounded a double axehandle down into Irene’s stretched open navel, then hard down in to the area just above her pubic hair, enjoying the view as Irene’s body twitched with each crushing strike to her unprotected guts. As the bell sounded to end the round, Desiree brought her right fist down into Irene’s pubic patch once again, then turned and strode to her corner with great satisfaction.

It just so happened the corner Irene was draped over was her own and her boyfriend immediately slid her down off the post and onto a stool, craddling her head softly against his shoulder. It seemed clear to him the fight was over, but the crowd was cheering for more and Irene, knowing for sure that she’d burst Desiree’s left implant, was not convinced she had lost. She pleaded that Desiree’s boob was broken and another shot or two is all it would take. Irene’s boyfriend nursed her with water, quickly smeared some liquid bandage over the small cut under her left nipple, and applied a cold compress to the back of her neck in hopes of bringing her around to her senses. Before they could complete their discussion, the bell sounded.

Round 5.

Desiree, cupping her wounded left tit to steady it from painfully flopping on her chest, raced over the Irene, grabbing her by the bangs and yanking her up to standing. She then planted another knee lift up into the poor girl’s pounded pussy. Irene moaned and her knees went weak. Desiree popped her in the mouth twice with her left glove, sending Irene’s long thin strands of silky black hair flying in all directions and producing an almost-immediate fat upper lip. Desiree’s left breast was burning, driving her on to extract every measure of revenge. A barefisted right to Irene’s belly dropped her to her knees. Desiree decided to be creative and give the audience a real show. She stood at Irene’s head looking toward her feet as she knelt on all fours. Desiree leaned over and grabbed Irene around the waist from behind and lifted her upside down up off the sawdust floor. Irene’s body just dangled upside down, her full frontal nudity exposed for all to see. But then Desiree walked Irene over to the rails, positioning her up against them so Irene’s red swollen boobs hung upside down between the middle and bottom rails. A sharp pull upward and the undersides of Irene’s breasts, including the inflamed area of the small cut under the left nipple, slapped up against the bottom of the middle rail—a quick drop and the soft tops of her boobs slapped down againt the top of the bottom rail. Desiree quickened the pace causing Irene’s boobs to booble up and down rattling between the bottom and middle rails. Onlookers on that side of the ring leaned down to get a closeup view as Irene’s tits were brutalized, caroming between the rails. Irene was screaming in pain which only fueled Desiree’s passion to continue the abuse. Slap…flap… whap… flap… Irene’s tits were worked up and down against the harsh railing. Desiree worked this hold until her arms began to tire. She then slammed Irene’s body forward into the bare wood cornerpost. Irene bent in half as the post slammed against her lower belly and her feet dooped over, outside the ring, leaving her hanging over the cornerpost, her bare butt displayed to the gawking crowd.

A few members of the crowd began to scream for Spike to stop the fight, “Hey.. can’t you see she’s out.. she’d defenseless! Call it man! Yeh.. she’s out on her feet!” But Spike had to stick strickly to the KO Corral rules.. no TKO… KO only. Desiree used her left glove to pull Irene’s bare butt cheeks apart, then she used her right fist, pounding punches directly into the poor girl’s anus, changing to karate chops to contact her labia as well. Working with a steady chop… chop.. chop… rhythm, Desiree pounded Irene’s ass until she managed to grab the bottom rail and pull herself down off the cornerpost and flop face-first into the sawdust. Desiree grabbed Irene by her bangs again, lifting her head to show Spike she was still awake. Amazingly Desiree pulled Irene to her feet. Irene stood there on shakey knees, her eyes glassy and unfocused. Desiree pushed her back into the cornerpost again, leaning against her to keep her up. Desiree grabbed and pinched Irene’s swollen distended left nipple, pleased as a drop of clear fluid emerged from the tip. She shook the boob wildly as if trying to pull it off Irene’s chest, the violent shaking breaking open the small cut again. She then pounded it from below with a series of barefisted right uppercuts, turning her knuckles red from the leaking cut. Irene’s jaw dropped open in a permanent “Oh,” as Desiree’s fist worked deep up into the bruised tit flesh, tenderizing her breast meat. Tiring of that, Desiree aimed lower and thumped her barefist four times into Irene’s naked sex. Irene’s eyes rolled up in their sockets as the stabbing pain overwelmed her consciousness and she passed out. Desiree stepped back when she felt Irene’s body go limp, allowing her to flop face-first into the sawdust for a final time.

Desiree raised her right arm triumphantly, cupping her deflated left boob in her left glove, as Spike ran the bell and entered the ring. Irene’s boyfriend raced in to craddle her head until she began to stir again. In several minutes he was able to help her up and out of the ring as the crowd stood cheering Desiree as she worked them for all she could.

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