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Mai vs Chun-Li KOF vs Streetfighter

Anime Expo was on! Everyone had gathered in Southern California to get the latest news on Japanese Anime, watch new releases, and dress up as their favorite characters in Cos-Play. After the convention center closes for the day, wild parties erupt in the nearby hotels as fans get trashed in the “suite crawls” as they go from room to room, drinking with friends and making new acquaintances. But what most people don’t realize, is that there are other events scheduled. Events that, because of their brutal and controversial nature, are held secretly, nearby, in dark warehouses filled with smoke and hushed crowds gathered around a small pit in their midst.

This is Cos-Play at its most serious: Cos-Fighting! Taking their costume competition to the extreme, men and women dress up as their favorites anime characters to battle it out in no-holds barred competition for fame, fortune and victory!

Tonight, two women had quietly gathered in the pit below the spectators. Alice, dressed as Mai from SNK, looked resplendently sexy in her revealing red outfit with plunging neckline and short skirt. Her white panties were clearly exposed underneath her costume, and it was obvious that Alice, that is, Mai, enjoyed showing off her juicy ass to the appreciative crowd.

Meanwhile, Chun-Li, otherwise known as Karen, pranced and shadow-boxed in the opposite corner, her blue fighting attire flapping in the breeze blown by huge fans that cooled the fighters as they prepared for battle. Karen, or Chun-Li, worked with Alice in marketing over a computer parts center. They enjoyed watching anime and playing fighting video games, which would normally have made them friends, except for the fact that they shared those interests with the same man. Karen had found out when she found Alice making out with her boyfriend in the storage closet. All hell broke loose, but they agreed to keep it to a simmer until they could take it out in the ring at Anime Expo Cos-Fight. Karen had waited 3 long months for this day to arrive, and she was still burning with shame and fury.

The bell rang and an eager Chun Li raced out from her corner, kicking and punching frantically at Mai, who dodged and weaved with the grace of an experienced fighter. Mai (Alice), was a black belt in kickboxing, and was determined to demonstrate that fact upon Chun-Li, who even now was looking more and more ragged as her attempts to connect where blocked or landed feebly Mai’s taut body.

Mai, having fully observed her opponents lack of skill, decided to go on the offensive. Grabbing one of Chun-Li’s high kicks, she trapped the poor girl’s leg and forced her hopping back on one foot before smashing Chun-Li in the face with her elbow. The bony protrusion cracked into Chun-Li’s high cheekbones, sending her reeling. Chun-Li staggered back and nearly fell before regaining her composure.

The two women circled each other. Mai feinted and jabbed at Chun-Li, who seemed clearly frightened now. Mai closed and hurled her fists at Chun-Li’s sides and head. Chun-Li reeled from the battering and tried to kick back, but Mai plowed into her, smashing her tiny fists into Chun-Li’s chest, stomach and face. Mai used her legs to devastating effect, lifting her knee into Chun-Li’s abdomen over and over, nearly lifting the girl from the canvas.

Chun-Li was smashed from one end of the ring to the other, bruises appearing on her fair skin. The crowed roared in excitement as it appeared the battle was drawing to an end.

But Chun-Li surprised them all. Shouting a battle cry, she fought back the only way she could against this trained pro. She closed with Mai, dodging the rain of blows that came her way, until she could finally grab hold of Mai’s skimpy costume and pull her in for a vicious knee to the crotch.

Mai was caught completely by surprise by the dirty blow. Her mouth opened in pain and a strangled cry escaped her pouting lips as Chun-Li’s hard knee met her soft pussy. Chun-Li hit her again, and Mai went crashing down. This had turned into a street fight at the last minute!
Now Chun-Li pounced on Mai. Leaping upwards, she tucked in her knees and cannon-balled onto Mai’s exposed stomach as she lay prone on the floor. Mai turned on her side and made retching noises as she clutched at her stomach. Chun-Li stood and rolled Mai onto her back once more. She jumped up and bodyslammed Mai, then got up and did it again. The third time she rested on a moaning and panting Mai. Whispering something in her ear, Chun-Li reached down and thrust Mai’s white panties aside. Making a claw of her hand, Chun-Li buried her nails deep into Mai’s pussy!

Mai cried out in pain and tried to free herself, but Chun-Li’s weight was pressing upon her. Chun-Li, reverting to some kind of feral wildcat, continued to maul and do damage to Mai’s pink and clean-shaven pussy. As Mai was about to pass out, Chun-Li stopped. She stood up, and grabbed one of Mai’s legs.

Pulling her leg open, exposing Mai’s crotch to the audience, Chun-Li used the tip of her boot to begin grinding away at Mai’s pussy. Mai screamed as the leather boot penetrated her lips and ground into her clit. After enjoying this for a few moments, Chun-Li brought her thick thigh back and launched a kick, smashing her boot into Mai’s crotch. She did this again, and Mai’s large breasts jiggled from every blow until they popped free from their moorings and were exposed to the audience. Satisfied that she had won, Chun-Li gave one last kick and then raised her fists in victory while Mai cried softly on the ring floor.

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  • Posted: September 21, 2015 07:18


    Awesome & exciting ... yummy! :-) How do I join in the hot action? LOL! - Sonja
  • Posted: September 21, 2015 14:30


    If you'd like me to write a story about you, describe yourself or send me a pic to draw a reference at [email protected] :)
  • Posted: September 21, 2015 19:39


    Ok, Debbi, will do! xxx
  • Posted: September 23, 2015 14:00


    You gotta check out 'Rumble Roses' if you're going to keep doing stories like this! Anesthesia vs Reiko or Dixie, just too hot.
  • Posted: September 23, 2015 23:56


    I love Rumble Roses!
  • Posted: September 25, 2015 01:41


    Out of curiosity what would you think of someone writing a fanfic about Debbi?
  • Posted: September 25, 2015 12:58


    Sure. :) Just so long as its clear and prominent that its fanfic and not offical.
  • Posted: September 25, 2015 18:33


    Can do : ). Is there any particular situation or enemy that Debbi would like to face in an unofficial story?
  • Posted: September 25, 2015 21:53


    It's fanfic, so its completely up to you. Surprise me. :)
  • Posted: September 26, 2015 19:44


    I think I came up with an idea you might like. Anywhere you want me to send i?
  • Posted: September 26, 2015 21:03


    You can always e-mail me at [email protected]
  • Posted: September 26, 2015 23:50


    Be sure to check your email, I think you might like the story.
  • Posted: December 22, 2015 11:54


    I thought this story had to be taken down ?