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Maiden Japan – Debbi’s Diary

It’d been four terrific weeks since my life had changed. I can still remember crying backstage at the strip-club where I was just fired for fighting with that bitch, Liz, not knowing what I would do next, or where I would go. Liz had really savaged me, and my tits still ached when I thought about how she had mangled them during our fight on-stage. My career as a foxy wrestler and exotic dancer at that club was over, and I had no other place to go.

I was so lucky that Mr. Ogiwara-san spotted me that night at the club. He came backstage and told me how much he had enjoyed seeing me fight (he must have waved a wad in front of the bouncer in order to get backstage). Mr. Ogiwara felt that I had a great fighting spirit, and informed me that a little training would have prevented my trouncing at the hands of Liz. He left his card, and it was several days later before I read it and realized he was a talent scout for an underground wrestling circuit in Japan.

“What the hell,” I thought to myself. I enjoyed fighting other girls; there is something sensual about another girl’s tight body pressed against yours, their beautiful faces staring into yours, challenging you to dominate or be dominated. I could do this, I thought. I could be a professional fighter.

So I called him. The next thing I knew I was flown to Japan, red-carpet treatment all the way, and then trained for several weeks in all sort of pro-wrestling moves I’d never even heard of before.

Turn out that Japan is crazy for female wrestling. Numerous clubs had sprouted up through Tokyo, and the demand was high for new fighters, especially for girls from America. While traditional pro-wrestling had been popular for years, these members-only clubs provided a more intimate venue for fights that were often more brutal or sexual in nature. The pay was incredible, more than I even earned as a dancer in the States, and there a prize purse worth thousand for every match you won.

Of course, I had yet to win one, since my first match was only just about to begin. I put the finishing touches on my pro-outfit, tightening the laces on my wrestling boots. I had designed it myself: a daring one-piece cut into a plunging orange and black “V” that bared my cleavage and stomach and ended deep below my navel. Tight laces that crisscrossed just underneath my breasts helped keep the whole outfit from slipping off me in a fight, which was necessary since I have large breasts that have a tendency of popping out at the worst times. The orange of the suit went well with my long, brown hair that stopped at the small of my back. Overall, I was very pleased with the results, and could only hope that the men in the audience would appreciate the view that my sexy suit provided.

The ring was professional quality, though it felt larger than it was being crammed into the dimly lit basement of the club. There was only room for about forty or fifty in the audience, who sat in steel folding chairs that lined the ring. Surprisingly, there were many women in the crowd, and not all of them came with a date. I think women like to see other women fight. There must be some gratification in seeing a physical form of the invisible competitive battle that goes on constantly between women.

In the center of the canvas was an elaborate Chinese character, “Yami,” which meant “darkside” for “Darkside Underground Wrestling”. Across from me was my opponent for tonight, Aiko-chan.

She was beautiful! She was nearly as tall as I was and was dressed in purple and white one-piece tights that were far more modest than my own. But the skin-tight spandex couldn’t hide her tight, toned body or her pert breasts that strained at the tight fabric. Her nipples made little points in the fabric that showed me she was as exciting about the upcoming fight as I was.

She wore matching elbow and knee pads, like my own, and had her long, black hair tied into a single, long pony-tail that she kept tucked to one side of her head. Her eyes were large and soft, and I had a hard time imaging her as a professional female wrestler.

So you can imagine my surprise when the bell rang and she shrieked some sort of Japanese war-cry and delivered a flying kick to my chest that sent me reeling into the back ropes. Cute or no, she was all business!

I trashed against the ropes, the blow nearly knocking the wind out of me when Aiko jumped on top of me, wrapping her lithe legs around my waist while grabbing at my hair. I struggled to standing and staggered around the ring while Aiko was still attached to me, yelling and forcing my head back by yanking on my long, brown hair. Her knees were digging into my sides, and she squeezed the air out of me as I fought to pry her off.

align=”right”> I gave up trying to force an arm in between her legs for leverage, and instead ran straight forward into the corner. Aiko’s back slammed into the hard turnbuckle, and her legs slid off me as she crashed to the mat, one had holding her injured back. She held out her other hand to wave me off. I wasn’t about to lose my advantage, so I grabbed it and threw my leg over her arm. She screamed something in Japanese as I wedged her arm tight into my crotch while I twisted her wrist. Things were moving fast!

Aiko reached up with her free arm and was now yanking again on my hair, trying to get me to release my hold. My scalp burned as she pulled and pulled at my hair. My lips parted and I groaned, but still I pulled her arm tighter into my crotch as I worked on her slender wrist.

Suddenly I felt a tremendous double-kick to my ass that threw me face-forward onto the canvas. Aiko’s legs were surprisingly strong. It felt like a mule had kicked me! I struggled to rise on my hands and knees, which proved to be a mistake as Aiko sent her sharp boot crashing up into my stomach three times before I could even fall over.

I was moaning and holding my stomach when she landed on top of me, dropping her out-stretched leg across my throat. I was still sputtering when she took her smooth legs and wrapped them around my chest in a savage scissor hold that crushed my tits painfully against my ribcage. I tried to bridge and arch my back, but my tits were still firmly locked between her creamy, white thighs. Aiko propped herself up on one arm for leverage and she sent painful pulses down her leg muscles that felt like they threatened to burst my breasts.

I was aching for air, and desperate. I balled up a fist and punched her in her exposed stomach, which she wasn’t expecting. She winced in pain and it took four more punches before she would release my throbbing tits from beneath her python-like legs. Don’t ever let someone tell you that a girl’s tits aren’t a good target in a fight. They hurt like hell as I cupped them with both hands and tried to recover from my ordeal. Aiko was nearby, on her knees and clutching at her stomach. I stood up and grabbed her by the top of her pony-tail, yanking her to her feet.

Debbi’s Diary – Maiden Japan
Aiko was still dazed when I again let loose a flurry of punches to her already bruised stomach. I sank my fist deep into her belly, and then aimed a little lower, just above her crotch, in an effort to knock the wind out of her. She yelled with each blow, and I have to admit I relished holding her head back by her hair, and staring into her eyes each time I punched her soft stomach. After what she did to me, a little payback was well deserved.

I let go of her hair, and Aiko dropped to the mat in heaving breaths. I threw myself down on top of her, sitting in the small of her back, and proceeded to grab one of her lovely legs and bend it back into a single-legged Boston Crab. She howled and pounded the mat in pain and frustration as a slowly bent her thigh and calve backwards until her boot nearly touched her head. Aiko was damn flexible, and I really had to wrench on that curvy leg to get her to scream like I wanted.

I noticed that this hold was very compromising for her, in that her spandex covered crotch was exposed for the audience. I could hear the appreciative murmurs in the crowd as I put one of their favorite fighters on display like this. Aiko flushed with embarrassment and I knew that if she ever got out of this that I’d be in trouble. So I put even more pressure on her back and leg. I bounced hard on her back, yanking her knee and calf back deeper with each hard slam of my ass into the small of her back. Her little yelps were almost cute, but I knew she was in a lot of pain. I admired how much punishment this sexy little girl was taking.

With Aiko sufficiently weakened, it was time to go for a pin. I dropped her leg and rolled her over onto her back. Just to be sure, and sprang back into the ropes and launched myself into the air for a cross-body pin. Only she wasn’t there. The Japanese girl rolled out of the way just at the last minute and I felt myself tasting canvas. I knew I was in for more trouble when I heard that familiar war-cry again and felt a furious Aiko drop onto my back with a hard thump.

She straddled me, her knees on either side, and reached down with both hands to cup my chin. She stared to slowly pull back, bending my neck and head at a painful angle as she increased the pressure on her Camel Clutch hold. I tried to arch my back to relieve the strain, but she was strong and kept pulling farther back, her arms straining to rip my head from my shoulders. I started to moan from the pain and slammed on the mat helplessly. It was then that I felt a little damp spot on my back where she sat, and I knew then that having me helpless this way was starting to turn her on. Well, I liked her too, but I was in too much pain to think much about what we might do after the fight.

It went downhill from there. She grabbed me by my hair and started to slam my forehead into the canvas floor of the ring. My head was spinning, and I struggled to remain conscious. Then she reached down and cupped both of my pendulous breasts in both hands, and I had no idea what to expect.

She lightly pinched my nipples with her fingers, which caught me completely off guard. She started to rub them and tease them until they grew hard and stiff. Despite myself, I found myself responding as I pressed by tits deeper into her soft hands, yearning for more of her touch. My nipples were straining at my spandex top, and being large, they poked like the tips of bullets through the tight material of my suit. She whispered something in Japanese, and I moaned softly. This was getting interesting, and my crotch was becoming slippery with desire.

But she was just getting me ready for her real move. She released my torpedoes and grabbed roughly at my arms. Changing her tone suddenly, she yanked back hard, pulling my arms out behind me into a modified surfboard hold while planting her hard heel into my back! I cried out as the pain traced its way like fire down my arms and into my back. She pulled back harder now, until my chest was clear off the floor, and my arousal was clearly exposed to the audience. She was paying me back for my earlier move, and my nipples screamed for attention as they poked hard through the fabric in full view of the appreciative audience!

Grabbing both my arms with one hand, she briefly reached down with the other and pulled my top to either side, popping out my naked breasts for all to see. Beads of sweat rolled down my chest and coursed over my erect nipples as she flaunted my nakedness to the crowd, now roaring with approval. The tight spandex of the suit forced my breasts together, swelling them to a ripe size. I was deeply humiliated as I trashed violently back and forth to try to escape, which only caused my firm, round breasts to jiggle and shake for the crowd. I heard Aiko giggle, and I was so angry I wanted to kill her. But my arms were straining at their sockets and I could only scream in both anger and pain.

As I bellowed, she dug her heel even deeper into my back and arched my chest up further by hauling on my arms. I almost fainted when she suddenly released me and let me flop to the mat. I groaned and tried to crawl to the corner, while feebly covering myself up again. I didn’t get too far, but had managed to stuff my breasts back into my suit when Aiko grabbed one of my ankles with both hands and hauled me back to the center of the ring. My sensitive nipples burned as they dragged across the rough canvas, and I yelled in pain.

Kneeling, Aiko draped me across her outstretched knee, face-up towards the harsh lights that illuminated the fighting arena. She clasped her hands and, in an axe-handle fashion, sent them crashing into my stomach. The impact of her fists into my stomach, combined with the pain that shot through my back from her knee, sent me into a fit of coughing and sputtering. I held up my hand. “No more!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, just as another hammer came down to strike my soft abs that drove me deeper into her hard thigh and knee.
Then Aiko pushed one hand against my chin and rested the other on the soft inside of my thigh. She started to push with all her strength, wracking me against her knee is an awesome backbreaker! I felt like I was about to split in two as she pressed down with grim determination. I yelled and screamed as the pain shot through me. I grabbed her hair, but the little hellcat wouldn’t stop! She kept grinding me against her knee, forcing my head back and digging her other hand deep into my inner thigh.

I blacked out.

I heard a bell ringing, and I opened my eyes to see that I was still in the ring. The match had ended. The announcer helped me to my feet, and I could barely stand from the pain in my back.

“Winner by knockout! Aiko-chan!” The announcer held up Aiko’s hand in victory and repeated the announcement in Japanese. I saw Aiko smile and bounced up and down for the audience, thrilled in her victory. She looked so radiant; her perfect skin glowed with confidence and happiness. Barely able to stand, I slipped and almost fell, but Aiko was there. She hugged me and gave me a big kiss, then turned me towards the audience while encouraging them to applaud for me.

She hugged me again and bent close to my ear. Brushing my hair aside she whispered in accented English, “It was a great fight. You fought very bravely! Can I see you afterwards?” I nodded and smiled at her. It had been a good fight, and even after our savage battle, I felt I had made a friend in this strange, new country.

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  • Posted: September 24, 2015 14:53


    I remember this fight was the beginning of a very good story arc in the 'Debbi-Chan' universe. Starting with this chapter the writing, while decent before, really began to come into it's own. Before the art kinda had to support the story but after this chapter the writing began carrying the story all on it's own. The next couple chapters are among the best that foxyfighter ever came out with and I know you will all enjoy it as much as I have.
  • Posted: September 24, 2015 19:16


    TY! Yes, I was gaining experience in writing. Still am...never-ending journey.
  • Posted: September 24, 2015 19:36


    Very sensual & sexy! Love the artwork too! xxx - Sonja
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    Thanks! Anime style...but an older anime style. I'm looking for new Hentai artists.
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    Slid and ArtbroSean (he's on deviantart) do commissioned catfight art I believe.
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    I would check out Deadpoolthesecond on DA, he has a nice selection of art he had commissioned so you might find someone there.
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    Nicely done. My girl read it and we loved it.
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    Oh so glad you both could enjoy it together!