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New REAL fight – Promoting Sarah Brooke

One of our fighters has produced her own 100% real fight video. I’m posting it here to help spread the word. You can order it at [email protected]

The fight lasts 20 minutes and I’ve seen it. Its a great first effort, and the pussy mauling and screaming really makes this video. It happens often in the 2nd round and on, and its a huge turn on.

She’s offering a lot of perks if you order by July 18th, including a raffle of the panties she wore in the fight (with authentic battle damage). Again, you can e-mail her to order it at [email protected]

Perks if you preorder before July 18:

  • 5 high-rez sexy and NUDE glamour photos of yours truly, and Kyla (boooo!) shot by Miami’s most *amazing* glamour photographer.
  • An exclusive photopack of the match with over 200 photos. Not available anywhere else.
  • An exclusive video clip of me giving you my post-fight thoughts (I’ve never screamed so much in *any* match…) and a little more about why I love to fight…wearing something special just for you.
  • Get the 20-minute REAL fight 2 days before anybody else. I will send it to you before it posts on the clip store.
  • High quality video of the pre-fight interview and the fight itself sent directly to you.

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  • Posted: July 9, 2016 13:24


    GOOD JOB, Sarah & Debbie !!! Promo suits perfectly 2 ur new site ✔ GOOD LUCK & GO ON !!!
  • Posted: July 11, 2016 15:17


    How quick is she to get back? I sent an email yesterday, but I'm not sure if it went to her spam filter or not.
  • Posted: October 21, 2016 19:13

    Bob Rhea

    So, Debbi when will you have a new post? This last one was -- July? I really like this site, but it's like hibernating!
  • Posted: December 23, 2017 15:29

    Tom Wise

    I think that she is not a good wrestler and I can beat her senseless and I am 5 6 135 lbs and that proves what I am saying