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Park Fight

Kellie walked along the edge of the ravine, arms folded across her chest, white sweater spread across her shoulders, her body ensconced in a black blouse and short skirt and black flat shoes. The leaves had started to fall, and the world about her was an amalgamation of red and brown and orange. Kellie was lost in her own world, however, wondering where her life was going now that her senior year of college had begun, when she looked up to see the one person she could have done without – this or any other day of her life, a blonde approaching in a red polo shirt with blue jeans and white sneakers.

Brenda. That bitch.

Kellie had never liked Brenda, had never cared for the snotty resident assistant of the dorm she had lived in since last September at State College. Brenda was a few years older than Kellie, somewhat stuck-up, and had taken an instant dislike to the younger, pretty brunette when they had first met, when Kellie was entering her junior year.

Which was fine by Kellie, since she had hated Brenda’s guts right off the bat as well.

“Well, look who it is,” chided Brenda, seeing Kellie walking towards her. She grinned mockingly, eager to verbally jab away at the younger woman who had showed a past penchant for not being able to take it. “What’s up, skinny?”

Kellie glowered at her antagonist, then smiled derisively. “Oh, not much,” she leered. “Different day, same skank, I see.”

The grin quickly disintegrated from the blonde’s face, as Kellie’s words sank in and Brenda could feel the agitation stirring inside her.

“You little bitch!” snapped the blonde, who by now had stopped walking. “ I should slap the shit out of you!”

“Well, here’s your chance!” shot back Kellie, who by now had also stopped and stood just a few feet from the woman she had hated for so long. Both women eyed each other angrily, but also warily, each not sure if the other beauty would attack her physically, each more than a little apprehensive at the prospect of actual physical violence between them.

Kellie was in her mid 20s, 5-7 and 125 pounds with shoulder-length, straight, mop-style brown hair, and creamy white skin. Brenda was in her late 20s, about an inch taller and ten pounds heavier, with short, tight, curly blonde hair and lightly-tanned skin. They were similar in build, average-proportioned overall but with long, shapely, strong legs. They were two women who despised one another, who each wanted to prove she was better than the other, who looked to fight and who liked to fight.

Kellie had wrestled and beaten several schoolgirls in the dorm the past year, punishing them in her small dormitory room with various holds and blows, often fighting nude. Brenda herself had had a year-long rivalry going with a local redhead, an older woman who offered up her home a few times per month for a private nude wrestling match with the sleek blonde, who lately had begun to dominate her thirtysomething hostess. Kellie herself didn’t know about Tamara, but the brunette wondered why she and Brenda had never fought each other before; but now that college was almost over and they were here, out of the dorm and away from others and all that possible attention, well, now was as good a time as any to rectify matters …

Neither woman was afraid of the other, and with this chance meeting they were at last ready to battle it out, in a fight to the finish that only one of them could win. They taunted one another as they began to circle, each woman looking for an opening with which to attack her rival and make short work of her, to do imminent damage and avoid prolonging a fight that could potentially last for quite a while between the evenly-matched pair.

It was Kellie who surprised them both by lunging forward to grip Brenda’s polo shirt and rip it right down the middle, exposing Brenda’s ample naked chest. The blonde yelled incredulously, in utter disbelief of her enemy’s initial action, and was also distracted long enough for Kellie to wrap her long arms about her Brenda’s trim waist and begin squeezing the life out of the blonde, the younger woman lifting her older foe off the ground in the process. Brenda’s cries rang out over the ravine as a sharp pain collected in her spine and refused to depart, Kellie’s balled-up fists pressing hard into the blonde’s lower back as her long arms constricted Brenda’s waist more and more, the brunette crushing her adversary. Brenda clawed at the brunette’s shoulders, desperate to break free, but Kellie held her foe fast in her backbreaking hold, biceps flexing and straining with effort beneath her blouse.

“Feeling a little out of breath, bitch?” mocked Kellie as he watched her opponent struggle in her grasp. That confident, youthful grin quickly faded from Kellie’s lovely face, though, as Brenda slammed both fists into either side of Kellie’s soft, smooth cheekbones, drawing a loud cry from the agonized girl and breaking her grip in the process. Both women then tumbled to the ground to assuage their wounds, Kellie covering and rubbing her injured face with both hands, Brenda massaging her sore lower back with her own hands.


Kellie then again took charge as she recovered quickly and reached out and grabbed Brenda by the jaw with one hand and by the top of the head with the other. She then began twisting her foe’s neck around, swinging Brenda’s head painfully from side to side, trying to wring that neck. Brenda fumbled at Kellie’s wrists, trying to get loose, but Kellie held fast, pouring on the pressure as Brenda suffered, her neck aching terribly. Getting nowhere with her escape attempt, Brenda turned her body sideways and launched an elbow into Kellie’s ample chest, stunning Kellie and knocking her backwards.

Brenda wrenched free of Kellie’s grip, then whipped up Kellie’s fallen sweater and lashed out at its owner with it. Kellie intercepted her, grabbing the sweater and twisting it around Brenda’s neck as she began to throttle the blonde with it, finally pulling the choking beauty down to the leaves where Kellie flung the sweater away and decided to use her own hands to once more punish the blonde. Bracing the blonde’s body behind her, Kellie reached out with her left arm to wrap it about Brenda’s slender legs, while reaching around with her right hand to clutch Brenda’s chin and begin pulling at it hard.

Brenda cried out as Kellie pulled in her close, a terrible strain building on the blonde’s jaw and back as she clawed at Kellie’s right hand, trying to break the brunette’s chinlock even as she tried to kick free of Kellie’s left arm, to no avail. Brenda tried to intertwine the fingers of her right hand with Kellie’s fingers and pry that hand loose, but Kellie resisted and held fast. Growing angry even as she suffered, Brenda then reached up and over Kellie’s shoulder with her left hand, her stronger hand, and got a good grip on Kellie’s dark blouse before shredding it with one swift, powerful motion, the thin cotton material easily ripping apart as multiple plastic buttons popped loose and went flying.

Kellie shrieked as her braless breasts bounced loose for all the world to see, except no one else was around to witness the escalating struggle between the two young women. Kellie decided to apply even more pressure and break Brenda in half, but in her momentary embarrassment she softened her grip long enough for Brenda to pull her chin free of the brunette’s chinlock as she smashed her clenched fists down hard on Kellie’s back, knocking the wind from the brunette. Brenda then kicked loose of Kellie’s other arm and rolled away from her adversary, tumbling across the dry leaves and soil in her ruined clothes. The two women took time now to recover, removing their tattered garments to sit topless before one another, several feet apart, even as they began to slip out of their shoes, when Brenda spoke up.

“Hey bitch!” she growled, still angry about her ruined polo. “Let’s do this nude, you little tramp, if you’re a real woman!”

“Fine by me, you little whore!” shot back Kellie, also angry, as she ripped off her skirt and pulled her panties down over her now bare feet. Brenda was also barefoot, and the blonde made short work of her jeans before also flinging her briefs away, leaving the two combatants totally nude to finish their one-on-one fight. Slowly, even apprehensively, the two women regained their feet, glaring at one another all the while, shivering slightly in the 60-plus degree weather of the early autumn day as they prepared to resume hostilities. Brenda then snarled and suddenly rushed at Kellie, grabbing the brunette about the upper body as her charge toppled them both backwards and down the leafy contours of the ravine, fifteen feet below.

The two naked beauties tumbled down the wall and crash-landed at the bottom of the ravine, their fall partially broken by a huge pile of dry autumn leaves as they tried to shake off the dulling impact and regain their feet. Brenda recovered first and stepped up to clack her left fist hard off of Kellie’s chin, the force of the blow combining with Kellie’s shaky posture to send her toppling to the ground, flat on her back. Brenda saw her opportunity to take control. She dropped to her knees and pounced upon her younger enemy, leaping down and forward as she went for the throat. Literally.

Wrapping her powerful hands about Kellie’s slender, naked neck, Brenda then began to squeeze with all her considerable strength, thumbs pressing down hard as she began trying to choke the life out of the brunette. Kellie’s eyes were closed in pain as she suffered in Brenda’s grip. She clutched her attacker’s wrists and gasped for air, but Brenda only tightened her hands like a vise about her victim’s windpipe as she knelt over Kellie and squeezed the very breath from the brunette’s body, trying to claim absolute victory over the younger woman.

Kellie wasn’t finished yet, though, even as Brenda’s hands tightened relentlessly about her agonized throat and squeezed the breath out of her. Still gripping Brenda’s wrists as the blonde knelt over her and continued to strangle her, Kellie managed to brace the soles of her bare feet against Brenda’s smooth stomach, pushing Brenda up and back slightly. With a supreme effort, Kellie then kicked out with both legs and thrust her enemy away across the ravine, Brenda smacking her head on a dangling oak branch before collapsing to the soil they were wrestling on. Kellie rubbed her throat and breathed in deeply before rising shakily to her feet and backing away, trying to recover from being strangled so quickly, so painfully, so savagely.

She didn’t make it far, though, as Brenda shook off the pain in her skull to lunge at Kellie’s legs, wrap her arms about them, and tackle her hated opponent to the soft ground. Kellie dug her short but sharp colorless nails into Brenda’s short blonde hair and scraped them into the blonde’s scalp as Brenda cried out and flailed her arms about, trying to escape. Groping about blindly, her right hand came to rest on a convenient branch, about three inches thick, and then she managed to get an awkward two-handed baseball-style grip on the implement before she swung the branch wildly and caught Kellie on the side of the head with a glancing blow. Kellie grunted in pain and tumbled to the ground again, and Brenda backed off to survey her success, a wicked smile creasing her pretty face.

Brenda licked her lips as she ambled towards Kellie on her knees and prepared to rain down another, heavier blow with the branch that she felt would turn the tide in her favor for good this day. She only managed to take a kick in the chest, above her breasts, from Kellie, who lashed out and up with her right foot and smashed her sole hard into Brenda’s body. Brenda, still on her knees, dropped the branch and clutched her wounded chest with both hands, the blonde wheezing in agony as she tried to draw in a breath with no luck.

Kellie then twisted behind Brenda to take full advantage of her foe’s injury. First she slid her long legs about Brenda’s waist from behind, until her thighs could clench about that waist and squeeze it hard as Kellie locked the ankles of her bare feet together to increase the pressure. Kellie then wrapped one arm about Brenda’s neck and plastered the palm of her free hand against Brenda’s forehead as she tried to choke the blonde out with a sleeperhold, Kellie clenching her teeth with determination.


Brenda was still short of breath, and she began coughing out loud as she clutched at Kellie’s choking arm with both hands, trying to alleviate the unyielding pressure about her windpipe. She clawed and scratched to no avail, despite making long red marks on Kellie’s crushing arms, Kellie’s grip only intensifying as Brenda fought futilely for freedom. The huntress had become the hunted.

Brenda coughed and sputtered in Kellie’s grip, Kellie on Brenda’s back and trying to choke her out with the sleeperhold as Kellie tightened her thighs about Brenda’s waist. Brenda pulled and beat at Kellie’s right arm, which tightened about her neck with each passing second, but she only achieved her freedom when she jerked her head forward, more than a little painfully, snapped open her jaws, and bit down hard on Kellie’s arm.

Kellie yelped at her opponent’s counterattack, and beat at the back of Brenda’s head with her free hand, but even that effort was defeated as Brenda released her bite and snapped her head backwards to meet Kellie’s face. Kellie was stunned by this second, follow-up strike, and Brenda was then able to wrench free of Kellie’s arm before using both her hands to pull and push and finally unfasten Kellie’s tapered, crushing legs from about her trim waist.

Brenda scurried forward on all fours, trying to get some distance before turning to launch a new attack against Kellie, but she never got herself turned around. Kellie shook off the effects of Brenda’s reverse headbutt and again jumped on Brenda’s back, slipping her arms under Brenda’s own arms and then locking her hands behind Brenda’s neck in a full nelson hold. Her weight forced Brenda further down on her knees and elbows as Kellie tried to shove Brenda’s face into a pile of orange leaves just in front of the two fighting females.

Desperate, Brenda reached out to grasp a handful of leaves, and she reached back and up to press the mass of dry, fibrous foliage over Kellie’s nose and mouth. Smothering, Kellie reached out with one hand to grip Brenda’s wrist and try to pull the leaves off her breathing passages, but Brenda used that opportunity to slip away from Kellie’s other hand and break her nelson hold.

Twisting around quickly, Brenda came face-to-face with Kellie, both women now on their knees. Brenda brought her other hand to bear on the leaves and tried to hasten her foe’s suffocation as she pressed down determinedly with both hands, but Kellie freed herself with a sharp, stinging slap across Brenda’s cheek before slapping the leaves themselves away so she could breathe again. Kellie then lunged at Brenda and tried to tackle her low, just as Brenda was turning around. Brenda, though, managed to quickly shift aside and then catch Kellie around the waist with both arms, her head facing Kellie’s feet, before wrestling her foe to the floor in a reverse bearhug.

Brenda tightened her arms about Kellie’s waist, squeezing her with all her strength, as Kellie grimaced and tried to pry Brenda’s arms loose. Brenda smiled as she got a wicked idea, and released one arm to bring her right palm slapping down hard upon Kellie’s ass.

Crack! The sound of flesh meeting flesh was like a rifle shot echoing through the ravine, and Brenda only laughed at Kellie’s anguish.

“You bitch!” cried Kellie as her cheeks began to glow red due to the repeated slaps.

“Honey, I’m just getting started!” crowed Brenda, taking control like she always felt she would. She then returned her other arm to its original position and again began squeezing Kellie senseless as she clamped on her reverse bearhug once more. Kellie beat at her foe’s long legs and tight ass with her small fists, but still Brenda kept pouring on the pressure, still she kept squeezing the shapely brunette’s body, harder and harder, until she felt Kellie’s teeth sinking into her hip. Brenda yelped and unwrapped her arms from about her victim even as she pulled loose of Kellie’s bite, reversed her own orientation and climbed upon Kellie’s back. Kellie reared up violently to toss Brenda off, just as Brenda was covering Kellie’s nose and mouth with both of her hands in order to suffocate her enemy, and then both women got to their feet and faced one another almost point-blank.

“You’re dead, bitch!” yelled Brenda.

“Like hell, you fat whore!” snapped Kellie.

Angered, Brenda responded by ramming the heel of her left hand underneath Kellie’s chin, dazing Kellie just long enough for Brenda to begin raining a flurry of punches down upon Kellie’s face and head. The blonde launched a left uppercut that caught Kellie flush on the chin and made the brunette see stars. Dazed, Kellie was suddenly unable to defend herself as Brenda then punished her rival with a left, and then a right, and then another left, each time driving Kellie further backwards until she was almost up against the fallen tree trunk resting behind the two battling beauties at the edge of the ravine. A wickedly-grinning Brenda then cut loose with a devastating left hook that sent Kellie sprawling backwards over the trunk where she came to rest in a spread-eagle fashion and lay there stunned.

Brenda then wasted no time in pressing her advantage, moving in upon the fallen brunette as she prepared to put an end to both the fight and her foe. She pressed her crotch up against Kellie’s, blonde pubes meeting brown, the brunette still bent back over the tree. Brenda then reached down with her strong hands to fasten them tight about Kellie’s exposed throat once more and squeeze it murderously, even harder than the first time. Brenda began to shake her opponent up and down slowly as she tightened her vicious hold, bony thumbs pressing down hard into the brunette’s unprotected throat as Kellie clutched futilely at her antagonist’s wrists.

Brenda continued to strangle Kellie with all her flagging strength, determination evident in her fiery green eyes and clenched white teeth as she again tried to choke out a final victory, Kellie barely hanging on in Brenda’s grip, her eyes closed in pain as Brenda closed off her enemy’s windpipe and felt Kellie’s life running out between her steely fingers. She squeezed as hard as she could, the blonde’s knuckles whitening with the effort, as she watched Kellie begin to cough harshly and her face begin to turn red from lack of precious breath. The blonde smiled as she knew her victim was just moments away from the inevitable, permanent end ….

Seconds later and there was a loud thud resonating throughout the small ravine as Kellie reached out and slammed a small stone that had been miraculously perched on the tree trunk off the side of Brenda’s head, breaking the blonde’s near-fatal chokehold before a second rock shot sent Brenda sprawling bodily to the ground. Brenda’s odyssey wasn’t finished quite yet, as she tried to rise and renew the fight, but Kellie was already on her feet, and lashed out with one of them to slam it hard into Brenda’s chest and knock her flat on the earth. Kellie then made her move to finish the fight, dragging Brenda by the ankles over near a very large stone before climbing up on the stone, perching on the edge for just a few seconds before leaping off and landing hard on Brenda with her full weight.

The blow knocked all the air out of Brenda’s lungs with a great whoosh, and she mouthed a silent scream, unable to breathe in her agony, her mouth agape with no sound issuing forth, her eyes closed tight in agony as she clutched her wounded abdomen with both hands and slapped the grassy soil with the soles of her bare feet. Seconds later and she was finished, as Kellie straddled Brenda’s stomach, grabbing Brenda by the throat with her left hand and lifting her head up. Cocking back her right fist, Kellie then snapped Brenda’s head to the side with a devastating punch to the cheekbone that slammed Brenda’s head hard off the bottom of the large stone and knocked her cold.

It was over. Kellie’s body ached, her head was pounding, and she knew she would sport bruises on both her body and throat in the days to come, but who cared? She drew her head back slightly as she ran a hand through her matted wet hair, and grinned with delight. The brunette had at last come to blows with that bitchy-ass blonde, and despite nearly having the very life barehandedly strangled out of her – twice – Kellie had finally managed to best her hated older enemy, once and for all, and via knockout at that. She shuddered slightly in the chill air, would probably catch a cold, being sweaty and naked as she was, but no matter, she smiled.

Senior year was starting to look pretty good after all.

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    So glad you liked it! I love it when people leave comments. :)
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    Great story! So, when We gonna see a new story from Debbie's diary? Thanks so much.
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    Bob Rhea

    Outstanding! I have seen relationships like that and known people like Brenda, so I was delighted to see Kellie triumph in the end, particularly since I knew a Kellie years ago. Personally, I would love to see a sequel, the inevitable rematch. (You KNOW the snotty Brenda is going to wake up madder than a wet cat, burning for revenge!)
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    Mr. Don

    Amazing income, after such a long time of us waiting for a new story you show up with this amazingly well done story and manage to shock us all! Like Kellie says: "Senior year was starting to look pretty good after all." Then I say: "This new comeback and times to come, are starting to look pretty good" :) Best regards, Mr. Don
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    I'm going to make a promise here...the next chapter of Debbi's Diary will go up next Monday!
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    Shepherd Gunn

    So glad to see another great story!
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    Who is the artist on this?
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    The artist is Meto
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    :( I'm so sad, there's not a next chapter of Debie's diary :(
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    I think Meto is not drawing new mangas.
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    Great story telling. I love the description of the bearhug and even the picture too
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    Brenda needs to beat that little bitch's ass
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    Are you familiar with Damon's Kathleen vs Jennifer series? I read this and it feels like much of it is inspired by his work.
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    I have read his work! I wasn't consciously drawing on it, but maybe it rubbed me the right way :P