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Penthouse Catfight – Debbi’s Diary

Since our pro-match in the Japanese underground wrestling scene, Aiko and I became good friends. She helped train me and worked in my corner during my fights. With her guidance, I was finally starting to win matches, so I was pretty confident when Mr. Ogiwara-san invited me to a particularly special match.

He explained that there was a posh penthouse party where all the various Kami Wrestling sponsors and owners met and enjoyed drinks and conversation. The highlight of these events is an all out catfight, and Ogiwara-san wanted me to represent him at tonight’s party.

“It is not like ring fight,” he said in heavily accented English. “No rules. You fight until stop.”

“You mean it’s a no-holds barred catfight until one girl can’t continue, right? I think I can handle that. Aiko’s been training me, and she’s very good,” I replied.

Ogiwara-san smiled. “I’m happy! Aiko is very sweet, not like your opponent tonight. She is also gaijin, like you. Be careful of her, she is very mean. Remember, you fight for my reputation.”

“I won’t disappoint you, Ogiwara-san! Thank you for the chance to fight for you!” I bowed deeply, which he returned in kind. He left, leaving me to prepare and choose my outfit for tonight’s event.

I finally settled on a bright white sling-shot that barely hid anything of my figure. The tiny triangles of fabric in my top barely contained my full, firm breasts which are one of my best features. The sling-shot design also fully exposed my hips, which were slightly wider than current fashion trends, but looked awesome in a swimsuit or bikini. I left my long, brown hair long, down to my buttocks. Even though I knew my hair was a liability in a fight, I still thought of it as my trademark and an indication of my confidence.

When I stepped out of the bedroom where I had changed, I found an expectant crowd of Japanese men and women gathered in the huge living room of this penthouse apartment. The center had been cleared, but there was some scattered furniture around the edges of the impromptu “arena.” The huge skylight above me was filled with stars. They had dimmed the lights, and the full moon shone brightly down into the room.

Dixie was across the room, waiting. She was wearing a red, one-piece bathing suit that was cut low to show her cleavage, which, although not as impressive as my own, was quite substantial. She had short, blonde hair, and blue eyes. We both wore heels, which would probably make it difficult to maneuver on the thick, carpeted floor.

A Japanese gentleman, probably the M.C., stepped forward and motioned us to the center of the living room. After saying a few words, which I could barely make the gist of, he called “fight” and waved his hands between us while stepping back and out of the way in a hurry.

Dixie immediately dropped into a crouch, which I mirrored. “So you’re the new American girl in town. You seem a little cute to get your looks messed up in a catfight” she snarled.

I said nothing, but feinted and lunged forward, grappling her by her hair. Hey, this was a catfight, right?

Dixie responded by punching me in the stomach, and grabbing two fistfuls of my own hair as I doubled over. We stood toe to toe, her yanking on my long, brown hair, and me trying to ignore the pain in my scalp as I retaliated by twisting her blonde hair in my fist and dragging her head around.

I decided to get serious right about then and reached out to grab her tit with my right hand. Remembering my tit-fight with Liz back in the States, I twisted and hauled on that tender mammary, ripping my nails deep into the Spandex of her suit.

But Dixie was much tougher than I thought. She just grunted and redoubled her hair-pulling efforts. As I mauled her tit, she brought her knee sharply into my crotch. Well, so much for the rest of the rules. I cried out, but was determined to hang on, ripping at both her tits now with my sharpened nails when she hit me again between the legs with that sharp, pointy knee of hers.

I’d never been kneed in the crotch before, and the pain was incredible as her knee impacted hard and multiple times against the thin triangle of fabric that covered by pussy, jarring my entire body. This bitch was going to pay!

I slumped to the floor, dazed, when Dixie came up behind me and hauled me up by my long hair. She started to choke me with her forearm while she reached around and slipped one hand underneath my bathing suit top.

“Ooooo. Such nice, round titties! And real too! Let’s see how sensitive they are!” she crooned sarcastically.

With a grunt, she buried her long, polished nails deep into my left breast and started to scratch and claw and my breast’s soft undersides and nipple. I couldn’t help it but to scream as the pain shot through me. I tried prying away her hand from my savaged tit, but she just tightened her choke-hold, which left me coughing and gagging.

She mauled and choked me like this for what seemed to be an eternity before letting go and shoving me roughly to the carpet. I sprawled helplessly and fought back tears as I massaged my tit and throat.

As soon as I got to all fours, trying to stand, the bitch clamped both her thighs around my head in a standing head scissors. I screamed again as she squashed those silky thighs together, trapping my head in a vice of soft flesh. I clawed at her thighs with my nails and thrashed my legs in pain as she clamped even tighter.

“I give! I give!” I cried out, eager to end this torture session. This was too much for me.

“Not yet, sweety. This is a fight to the finish, and I’m not finished with you yet!” she said.

Debbi’s Diary – Maiden Japan
Suddenly, she spread her legs and I dropped to the floor. If this wasn’t over yet, I was determined to renew the fight. Feigning weakness, I waited for her to approach close enough when I scooped up her legs and pulled. Dixie fell to the mat on her ass with a thud and a surprised look on her face. I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide.

If she was going to fight dirty, so was I.

I was so angry that I took my heel and jammed it into her crotch. Now it was Dixie’s turn to scream as I ground my heel deep into her pussy. “I’m not finished with you either, bitch!” I screamed as I dug the point of my toe between her legs, searching for the spot that would cause her the most agony. Never having stomped a pussy before, I took my time and experimented, grinding in first with my toe, and then with the heel of my shoe. Her cries guided me as I stomped, mashed, and grinded away at her cunt.

But in my battle fury, I slipped and Dixie was able to get one of her legs free. She kicked hard into my crotch, and I felt the heel of her shoe connect solidly with my pussy. She dove on top of me and, kicking my legs apart, started to pummel my crotch with her knee.

Each blow shattered against my pubic mound, causing me to scream and thrash. This was turning into a real pussy-pounding battle. Dixie was furious, and kept battering away as she pinned my arms over my head. Then she bent down and sunk her teeth into my already tortured left breast, tearing away at my soft orb like a crazed bitch Terrier.

When she stopped, I was a mess. I rolled onto my side, clutching at my pussy which felt like it was on fire. My tit wasn’t doing much better, full of red splotches and teeth marks. Again she hauled me up by my hair, and twisted my arm behind my back in a savage arm-lock. I was defenseless as she tried to break my arm, and then changed her mind and shoved me forward onto a nearby couch.

Bending me over one arm of the couch, she grabbed fistful of my brown hair and bent down to whisper into my ear.

“You fucked with my pussy, now I’m going to destroy yours!” she hissed.

I had no idea what to expect, but suddenly I screamed and felt a burning sensation between my legs. Dixie and roughly grabbed my pussy lips through the thin fabric of my bikini and was pinching them hard with her thumb and forefinger. She also hauled back hard on my hair, arching my back painfully as her fingers worked away at my lips.
I didn’t know how long I was screaming as she kneaded and pinched at my lips. I guess the spandex of my bikini was getting in the way, because I felt her slip her fingers in underneath the material to get better access at my abused pussy.

I was wracked with sobs as she stopped momentarily. The whole apartment was silent except for my sobbing and heaving breaths. I was so humiliated! Dixie let me cry and moan, letting the audience get a good view of my shameful defeat. But, it wasn’t over yet.

Dixie slipped her fingers back underneath my suit, and I screamed even before she touched me. Instead of pinching my labia, this time she probed with one long nail, tracing it up and down my ravaged slit.

Then she stabbed it deep inside of me, and I moaned as she finger fucked me. I couldn’t help it, I started to get wet, and she slid her finger deeper inside of me.

She fucked me like this until I was moaning with pleasure, although I was still burning with shame. Then, just as I was about to cum all over her hand, she took her all her fingers and shoved them deep inside of me. While still inside of my pussy, she made a claw, and raked her sharp nails against my insides.

The scream that tore from my lips reverberated throughout the room, and nearly shook the glass skylights. The agony was unbearable, and wouldn’t stop even after she withdrew her nails from deep inside me.

I felt like I was going to die, and Dixie was laughing at me. Then, probing with her fingers again, she found my clit and pinched it hard between her nails until I was hoarse from the crying and the pain.

This is when I got mad. Remembering something about how to fight, or maybe just responding to some inner feminine savagery inside of me, I ignored the pain and shot my legs out behind me, catching Dixie around the waist. I have powerful thighs, and I used them as I squeezed Dixie until she let go with a squeak. Then I pushed off hard against the arm of the couch and flipped over onto my back, throwing Dixie up and trapping her on top of me.

We were both on the couch. I was lying on my back, my thick thighs wrapped around Dixie’s narrow waist as she lay on top of me, head down toward the opposite end. To her credit, Dixie recovered her senses enough to ball up her fist and start punching at my injured pussy. We were almost in a 69, which put me in a good position to do the same to her own twat.

We pounded away at each other’s mounds, trying to crush each other’s femininity. Now we were both screaming with each bare-knuckled punch, although I was hurting more because of the earlier punishment I had taken. So I stopped punching and, leaning forward, I sank my teeth into her musky crotch and bit hard!

Dixie fought back immediately, clamping her legs around my head and trying to scissor me into unconsciousness. I just bit harder, and her scissors had the effect of driving my head even deeper into her crotch, giving me a better bite. I didn’t even realize what I was doing, I was so full of hate and anger, driving me into such a primal state of combat. I bit and tore, and snarled and growled.

I don’t remember what happened, but I felt her legs fall limp around my head, and Dixie had stopped struggling. As I extracted myself to the thundering applause of the audience, I saw that she was out cold, passed out from the pain. I licked my lips and tasted salt. At first I thought it was blood, but when I wiped my lips I realized she had cum. That bitch must have had some kind of S&M streak because I could see that she had stained her bathing suit but good. I couldn’t believe that with all the pain that Dixie was at the heights of pleasure too. I guess it takes all kinds.

While I changed in the bedroom, I had time to think a little. Wrestling is always a turn-on for me, especially the savagery that turns us into animals, clawing and scratching at every part of each other’s body. But it’s the attitude and the ferocity of two women fighting all out that attract me, not the terrible pain of a fight like this. Well…maybe that’s a lie. If *I’m* the one giving the pain, I have to say that makes me slippery just thinking about it. I was beginning to discover my dark streak…

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  • Posted: September 25, 2015 16:32


    Such a great story, can't wait to see the rest, and any new ones that come down the pipe.
  • Posted: September 25, 2015 17:52


    Yep...still trying to find an artist to draw "me" again. Wanting the best in ecchi/hentai
  • Posted: September 25, 2015 18:02


    This was one of the good ones. I really enjoy how this was one of the first major turning points in the diary saga. On the note of artists to draw you what happened with whomever you were working with at cutepet?
  • Posted: September 25, 2015 18:32


    I remember this story being the very first story in the Debbi diaries that I read when I first became a member. I was simply captivated by the pic of Dixie attacking Debbi (which I still believe to be the best pic in all the Diaries) and just had to read this story. I felt then as I do now that Debbi was more lucky then skillful in how the fight ended but I imagine that such a loss will simply drive Dixie mad with a need for retribution. I know I state this with all of Debbi's enemies but will we see the blonde again?
  • Posted: September 25, 2015 21:52


    Glad you enjoyed this one! This is one of my favorites. The artist that did this is not Cutepet. Cutepet did a later series of Debbi that haven't been published yet
  • Posted: September 25, 2015 21:52


    Will Dixie be back? Hmmmm, I don't know...
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    Oooh, that was delightfully fierce and wild! The crotch attacks were really hawt & kinky ... Debbi, glad you managed to beat that dirty-fighting bitch Dixie ... but afterwards you should've strap-on fucked her face-down and ass up ... and then rode the beaten slut's face in celebration ... giggles! xxx :-)
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    DOA Catfights

    Literally one of the best catfight stories I've ever read :D Amazing detail! It's also probably the sexiest thing I've ever seen text represent lol. I can't describe how much I loved it.
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    mmmm debbi you look sexy in this pic your a good fighter im new here
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