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Sugar Honey Part II

(continued from last post)

Honey had her opponent trapped, writhing in pain between her legs. With one hand she hauled on Sugar’s ponytails, with the other she stretched her young enemy’s legs backward at a painful angle.

Nobody knew how long this would go on, and it was anyone’s guess as to how much Sugar could take. She was near tears, both from the pain of the hold, and the humiliation of having her spandex covered snatch in clear view to the audience. Her cheeks flushed red with shame, she drew near tears as she shouted obscenities and pounded the mat of the wrestling ring.

Then, miraculously, Honey simply let her go. Sugar collapsed and rolled into a fetal position, through slitted eyes she could see Honey stare down at her contemptuously. Honey moved on, strutting around the ring with her back to Sugar, confident that she had hurt the girl enough to ignore her.

Something happened. Some smoldering ember or rage erupted inside of Sugar. Maybe it was remember her humiliating catfight with her live-in lover the night before, maybe it was because she really wanted to win, but everyone could see that this girl was far from finished.

As Honey strutted about the ring, Sugar slowly began to rise. She coiled her legs beneath her like a tiger, and you knew she was about to pounce. As Honey pumped the crowd, Sugar struck.

She hurled forward, throwing all her weight behind her as she rushed at Honey. At the last second before impact, Sugar leapt from the canvas and lifted her legs into a drop kick. But instead of planting both feet into Honey, she opened her legs slightly. One purple boot connected solidly to the back of Honey’s head, stunning her, while the other whipped up and locked with the other to trap Honey’s neck in a stunning flying scissors. Then, with a deft twist of her supple body, Sugar snapped Honey forward by her neck, using her legs to flip her over and onto the hard ring floor.

It was an incredible aerial maneuver that left Honey flat on her back, Sugar’s legs still locked firmly around the blonde’s slim neck. Sugar got to work, locking her ankles together and reaching down to grab some of Honey’s long locks.

Honey coughed and sputtered. She reached up and clawed at Sugar’s boots which were clamped firmly around her throat, choking her. The ref shouted a warning, so Sugar quickly switched from her choke to a headscissors, hauling Honey by her hair higher and deeper between her strong thighs which now glistened with sweat.


Honey’s huge round breasts heaved up and down as she tried to manage the pain. To put even more hurt on the cute blonde, Sugar leaned over and smashed her fists into those ripe targets, alternating breasts and occasionally landing a hard fist to Honey’s solar plexus.

Every time Sugar’s fist would plow into the soft flesh of Honey’s tits the young girl would squeal, muffled between those magnificent legs. The American’s breasts were real, and seemed to hurt all the more because of their size. Sugar was really taking it to the girl, venting her frustrations with every smack to the tits and grinding of her legs.

The grinding was the worst part. Sugar would lift her ass up off the ring to get more leverage on Honey, and you’d see the blonde kick and thrash for a moment as Honey would use all her thigh-power on the young girl’s head.

But incredibly, Honey fought back. She managed to slip one arm between the scissor locked legs of her foe. Slowly, she used it as a lever, slipping it higher and higher up between Sugar’s legs to try and pry her way free. But it wasn’t until she managed to get her arm up against Sugars crotch that she was able to make any real progress. Honey pried against Sugar’s legs, using her own pussy as the pressure point. The grinding motion against Sugar’s womanhood was enough to convince Sugar to abandon her hold with a gasp.

Honey was free, but it was momentary. As she staggered to a corner, Sugar hit her from behind, flailing punches into her bare sides and battering her kidneys and spine. She slumped into the corner, only to have Sugar snap-mare her into the center of the ring. As she would try to rise, Sugar would kick her down and snap her again to the other corner. Honey was thrown around the ring like a rag doll!

Sugar continued the onslaught. She came up and suplexed Honey into the ground. Honey gurgled nonsensically and tried to rise, only to fall to the canvas as her legs turned to rubber. Sugar grabbed her arm and whipped the American into the ropes, drop-kicking her in the chest on her rebound. Honey screamed at clutched at her beaten mammaries. Sugar just straddled her and, grabbing her by the hair, pounded her head repeatedly into the mat.

Sugar went for the pin, but just before the ref would count to 3, she would haul Honey up by her hair and break the count. She did this three times, just to let Honey know she had her where she wanted her. Then she stood and climbed into the corner.

Honey looked up with fear, still to dazed to stand. Now it was her turn to plead with Sugar and beg her not to jump. Of course Sugar had no intention of stopping now, and as she landed, knees crunching into Honey’s chest, you could almost swear you heard a rib crack.

It was turning into a one sided beat down, and Sugar dragged it on and on. She found new ways to punish Honey, who was now alternating between screaming and begging for mercy.

Honey was punched repeated, hauled by her hair on her back across the ring and slammed into corner posts. Sugar draped her victim from the ropes and hammered away at her stomach with intense body blows, until spittle ran down from the corners of Honey’s luscious lips.

Sugar put her enemy in tortuous holds. She gave Honey a bow and arrow that nearly yanked the girl’s arm from her socket, and then let her go to watch her try and crawl out of the ring, her limbs useless.

It had become an ugly fight. A fight you wanted to stop. But there was no corner man to throw in the towel, and the beating continued. Sugar was an angel of rage, visiting her wrath upon Honey’s broken body.

Then, finally, she ended it. Honey offered no resistance as she was pinned a final time. But Sugar wanted more. She grape-vined one of Honey’s legs with her own and grabbed at her other booted calve. Splaying her body across Honey’s chest, she leaned back and gave her whimpering foe an intense leg split. “See how you like it now, bitch!” she spat in Honey’s face.

Hot tears began to roll down Honey’s cheeks. Even as she cried from the burning pain in her thighs she was suffering even more from having her womanhood put on display. Bikini-bottoms or no, Honey’s snatch was clearly visible through the thin fabric, and Sugar worked overtime to pry the blonde’s legs apart far enough for everyone to see.


Beads of sweat started to trail down Honey’s legs, leaving a damp spot on her snatch that made the fabric almost transparent. Sugar shook with every sob that escaped from Honey’s lips. “Can you stand it? Your pussy looks so good…everyone can see that now, Honey, “ sugar taunted.

The ref’s count came slow, so slow for Honey. It might as well been three years instead of three seconds. She was finished, eliminated from this match and from the title. But even as the bell rung, Sugar continued to hold her, to pin her in that devastating humiliation. And the shame that burned in Honey left a mark, a void in her honor that would have to be satisfied one day.

As Sugar was lifted by her arm to victory, Honey vowed to make her pay.

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