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Sugar Honeys

This was the first of a multiple story series about a pro-wrestling championship. One of the most fun series to work on! – Debbi


It was going to be a hell of a night. For weeks dozens of young women came out at night not to dance at nightclubs, or party at the bars in Tokyo, but to slap, scratch, squeeze and claw each other inside the Yami-Ring. Over the course of several weekend bouts, they eliminated each other, ruthlessly and without pity. Tonight, the last three finalists would face each other in an extended tournament that would last well into the early morning, where the last girl standing would walk away with tens of thousands of dollars in cash and a chance at Japan’s lucrative female wrestling pro-circuit.

It was Japan’s late-night television answer to American reality TV. The show was a sexy, swimsuit clad counterpart to regular professional wrestling. The promoters chose only the most beautiful women to compete, and demanded sexy, demeaning holds and humiliation tactics in the bouts between the girls. The series was called “Sugar-Honeys Showdown” but the girls were nowhere sweet as their names.

Honey was a receptionist by day, and the only Gai-jin, or Westerner, in the tournament. Her wavy blonde hair, pert breasts and perfect legs gave away her Californian descent. She may be blonde, but she was smart enough to have mastered the Japanese language and tough enough to have made it into the finals tonight. She jogged in her corner, shrugging off her robe to reveal her bright, sun-yellow bikini and matching wrestling boots. The overhead lights glinted off the glitter she had powdered onto her face and between her tight breasts. You could see her taut stomach gently expand as she took slow, measured breaths in mental preparation for her fight. She wanted badly to win and use the money to leave Japan and go home to California in style. She didn’t care for the chance to compete in Japan’s pro-wrestling circuit. That particular dream was for young Japanese girls, particularly lesbians, who found it a safe haven to explore their sexuality in a rigid society.

That pretty much summed up her opponent’s motivations. Sugar was a smaller, punk-rocker fan girl who always carried at least two or three girlfriends at a time. Juggling lovers was difficult, and fights inevitably broke out between the girls. Sugar easily slapped her bitches down whenever they acted up, which lead her to try her skills at the Yami-Ring. She loved the competition, the feel of a squirming woman between her thighs, her cries for mercy ringing out as she slammed the canvas.

Sugar was quiet in the opposite corner, eyeing Honey as she disrobed. Sugar was already ready in her blue spandex top and bikini bottoms. The way she was looking at Honey, you didn’t know if she wanted to fight her or fuck her. Probably both. Sugar’s blue hair was tied into two cute ponytails, and her compact body was toned and tight. She had that “looks fast standing still” air about the way she stood and moved.

Sugar was eager to take Honey apart tonight. She needed to get some frustrations out after her lover, Choco, beat the hell out of her in a fight they had the other night. Choco was the only girlfriend to ever stand up to Sugar and win. Choco didn’t just beat Sugar, she humiliated her. They had fought in the apartment, and Choco ripped all her clothes off, hauled her by the hair out the door, and tossed her bare and bruised body into the hallway. Sugar was locked out, and had to beg a neighbor for some clothes while trying hard to avoid explaining what happened.

You could see her cheeks flush red momentarily as she relieved that shameful night. If she fought well here, and avoided injury, she would get her chance to face Choco again, this time in the ring. Choco was the third finalist in tonight’s tournament, and Sugar couldn’t wait to pay her back for some overdue punishement.

The ref, a cute brunette in short-shorts and a striped shirt called the two combatants into the center of the ring. She explained the rules briefly, frisked the girls for weapons and then stepped out to ring the bell. But before she even got through the ropes, the girls had already latched onto each other’s hair. The bell rang just as Sugar landed a stiff uppercut into Honey’s gut, doubling her over.

Sugar smashed her elbow down onto Honey’s back, who was taken by surprise by the little spitfire’s onslaught. When Honey didn’t go down right away, Sugar slammed her bare back a couple more times. Honey collapsed and clutched at her spine, rolling over with a grimace as she thrashed in pain.

Sugar’s sleek leg came down like a log across Honey’s pale white throat, smashing her windpipe. Sugar grabbed Honey’s hair, hailing the gagging girl up to her knees. She pivoted and straddled the back of Honey’s head, still clutching her golden locks and using them to yank her up deep into the V of her crotch to apply a deadly standing headscissors to the disoriented blonde.

Honey screamed as Sugar closed her thighs around her head. Honey punched at Sugar’s thighs and kicked her heels, squirming to get out of the hold. Sugar wrapped her legs tighter and dropped to her knees, Honey’s head still tightly wedged in her crotch while she hit the canvas. The move was dangerous, capable of snapping Honey’s neck, and the fact wasn’t lost on anyone that this fight was serious.

Honey’s face hit the canvas, Sugar sitting on her neck, her small but strong legs threatening to snap her head off. By Honey’s screams, you could tell the pain was intense. The pounding and punches that Honey was trying to deliver had no leverage to do much, so the American switched tactics. She reached behind her head and found Sugar’s bikini bottoms. Grabbing the shiny fabric, she slipped her hand underneath and clenched the fabric together and pulled. The wedgie immediately got Sugar’s attention. She gasped and tried to maintain her hold, but the blonde was now using a sawing motion to dig the bikini deep into Sugar’s pussy, parting her lips and rubbing her clit raw. From the cameras, you couldn’t see any of the detail or see any nudity that would void the match, but you could imagine what it felt like as Honey yanked and yanked. Each yank drew another gasp from Sugar, who nearly passed out before she relinquished her hold on Honey. She stood abruptly, backing away from the dirty fighter, but giving her a kick to the spine before she fully retreated to her corner.

Honey was in no shape to get back into the fight just yet. Sugar collapsed with her back into the corner, ass on the canvas, and used the time to hold her crotch with both hands and rub her pussy in an attempt to sooth the burning sensation there.

Sugar glared up from inspecting her wounded pussy and, with a snarl, leapt forward to attack the helpless Honey again. She pounced on Honey, and the two fighters ended up in a rolling clinch on the canvas. They gouged at each other’s faces with their nails, legs entwined and hitching up on hips, trying to get enough purchase for a painful scissors. When one girl would get on top, she would pummel her opponent’s chest and face until toppled in turn to receive the same. Spitting and snarling, neither girl noticed when they rolled right out of the ring and spilled onto the concrete below.

Sugar landed hard, hitting her head and knocking her momentarily senseless. Honey took advantage, standing and shaking herself off before grabbing Sugar by her top and hauling her to a standing position. Throwing Sugar’s arm around her neck, she lifted Sugar into the air and slammed her ass to the rock hard floor. Sugar screamed as she was jolted out of her daze, she writhed on the ground, clutching at her tailbone which must have been severely bruised by the fall.

Honey picked her up again and slammed her into the edge of the ring. You could see Sugar’s breasts spill across the top of the canvas as the hard edge slammed into her ribs below. The air rushed out of Sugar’s lipsticked mouth audibly, signaling that the young girl had had the wind knocked out of her. Honey hauled her back by the hair and slammed her into the ring a second time and pinned her there. Sugar’s breasts where lying across the edge, just on top of the canvas, and Honey wasted no time delivering a karate chop across both tits.

Sugar’s breasts pancaked against the hard canvas, and the girl bucked high, kicking up her legs and shouting even as Honey delivered another blow across the Japanese girl’s mammaries. Honey release her bruised opponent and Sugar fought back tears as she massaged her chest with one hand, and held out the other as if to say “no more. Please, no more!”


Honey laughed and grabbed at Sugar’s outstretched and pleading hand. She used her arm to whip the girl back into the ring, and hopped in after to follow her prey. Sugar lay gasping on the mat while Honey straddled her from behind. Honey reached down and grabbed a fistful of Sugar’s ponytail. She used Sugar’s hair like reins, controlling the smaller girl and rubbing her face into the canvas. With her other hand she reached back and grabbed Sugar by the ankle. Sugar gasped as Honey bent her leg backwards by the ankle until Sugar’s foot was over her shoulder. Sugar’s legs were bent wide open and her hips arched painfully off the floor. You could see the shape of her mound just below the thin spandex of her bikini bottoms. As Sugar thrashed and whimpered in pain, her vagina seemed to take on a convulsing life of its own underneath the material, pulsing with each wrench of leg or yank of hair.

Honey was in control now, and the audience waited breathlessly to see how Sugar was going to escape this sexy hold.

To Be Continued!

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