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Suki vs Keiko – Touka Art!

It was the harvest season, and school was never more hectic with exams and other preparations that Seniors must undertake to prepare for their future after graduation. Nami knew she wanted to do well, so she could get into a good school. Her grades were good, and she studied hard every night, avoiding parties and socializing. Her best friend Keiko was always with her in the library and hanging out after school. They always worked on projects together.

Keiko was the more outgoing of the pair, and one day she begged Nami to join her to go to a nightclub to celebrate finishing an especially hard exam.

“Eeh! I can’t believe you won’t come with me. Why not have some fun while you’re still young?” asked Keiko.

“I don’t believe in going out and drinking. The boys are always hitting on you and its just a big waste of time. Besides, those places are full of gangs.” Nami’s head was buried in her books.

“I’ve been there before. It’s not so bad, in fact it can be lots of fun. You’ve just been listening to all the rumors the parents like to tell. Besides, you’ll have me beside you, so you always have someone to talk to besides bothersome boys!” Keiko sat down beside Nami and neatly picked up and put Nami’s book aside. “You owe me, Nami! I helped you pass that last exam and this is a small favor for your best friend.”

Nami sighed and folded her arms. “Well I suppose you won’t let me study until I say yes. So, yes. There. But I’m only going to keep you company, and we need to be home before 10pm!”

Keiko beamed and threw her arms around Nami. “Thank you! You won’t regret it. I’ll make sure you have fun!”

Later that night, the girls got dolled up for their big evening. Keiko put on a slinky dress under Nami’s disapproving eye. Nami wore jeans and a sweater and refused the makeup that Keiko thrust at her. “I’m not going to find boys!” she said as she tied back her short brown hair.

Keiko reached up and playfully undid the clip on Nami’s hair, letting her chestnut hair fall down around her face. She giggled, “at least don’t look so much like a librarian!”

They quickly wrapped up and headed out. When they reached the club, the bouncer at the door was turning back a number of young students and eyed the pair warily.

“Oh no, we’re 18, see?” Keiko showed the bulky man their student IDs.

He grunted and opened the door. A wave of Japanese pop music flooded the entryway as they gleefully ran inside.

The club was small, but loud. It catered to a young crowd who mostly packed the dance floor, wearing the latest high-school fashions and gyrating to the beat. Nami was obviously uncomfortable, but Keiko dragged her to the floor and started dancing with her. Despite herself, Nami found that she liked the music, and soon the pair was having fun, as Keiko promised. The few boys that would bother Nami would quickly be shooed off by Keiko. “We’re gay!” she would proclaim, and wink at Nami. “That should take care of them!”

They danced a few songs and then grabbed a table to rest for a bit. Nami kept looking around the room, a little nervous that someone from school might recognize her and tease her for being at the club when she was always so serious.
It wasn’t too long before a tall girl with red hair noticed them and sauntered over.

“I like your girl, I think I’ll take her.”

“Oh, I think you misunderstood. We’re not really lovers. We just said that to get the boys off our backs.” Keiko tried to smile, hoping it would disarm the mean looking girl who just stood silently. “We don’t want any trouble…” Keiko added.

“I don’t care who you’re pretending to be or what you want. I told you she’s mine.”

The redhead exploded. She grabbed Keiko by the back of the head and smashed her face first into her glass on the table. The drink shattered, showering Nami with liquid. When Nami looked up, Keiko was now being dragged back by her hair and tossed to the floor of the club. She held her forehead, which was scratched and bleeding and begged her assailant to stop.

What followed was a complete beatdown of Nami’s best friend. The redhead just went to town on Keiko, kicking her and punching her in the stomach and tits. At one point she held Keiko up by her hair against the wall and kneed her cunt repeatedly. By the time she was done, Keiko was a sobbing mess on the floor, consoled by an angry Nami who glared up at the departing victress.

“Hey, what gives you the right to beat up whoever you feel like it?” Nami’s face was flushed bright red and she had never felt so angry in her life.

“Why? You wanna make something of it? Naw, you’re too cute, I wouldn’t want to mess up that pretty face of yours. Why don’t you come with me and I’ll show you that loving is better than fighting?”

Nami’s face flushed an even deeper shade of scarlet. Before she knew it, she blurted “I’ll fight you! You can’t get away with this. I’ll fight you right here!”

The redhead just laughed. “Okay, little girl, but not here. Meet me at my gym and ask for Suki, that’s me.” She stabbed her thumb into her chest. “I’m the best wrestler at the gym, so I’ll understand if you don’t show up.”

A few days passed, and a recovering Keiko begged her friend not to go to the fight. “She’ll kill you! What do you know about fighting. I’m fine now, it hardly hurts except for where she kicked me…” Keiko blushed “…down there.” She pointed just below her waistband.

“It’s not right, what she did. I have to go through with it, even if I lose.” Said Nami, as she looked down at her shoes. “I love you too much to let it go.”

Keiko eventually gave up trying to dissuade her friend, and eventually the fateful day arrived. Name found herself, standing in the corner of a real wrestling ring, dressed in nothing but white tights and boots they had given her to wear. She tried to be serious, but avoided the staredown that Suki was giving her from across the ring. What had she gotten into?

Suki looked like a pro. She was wearing a purple one-piece with cat ears in her long red hair. She had a paw-print tattoo on her check and was obviously supposed to represent some sort of cat spirit as her wrestling character. Suki was Nami’s age, but she had large, almost American breasts that bulged out from her top. She was bigger and taller than Nami, and Nami wondered how she was going to beat this confident dyke.

The bell rang. The sound was thunderous in Nami’s ears as Suki closed to the center of the ring. Nami was frozen in her corner, the color drained out of her face as the hellcat barreled towards her.

Smack! Suki body-splashed herself across the fear-stricken Nami, slamming her into the hard turnbuckles. Suki screamed, not so much from the pain, but from sheer terror. She dropped on all fours and scurried out between Suki’s legs, racing for the other side of the ring.

Suki laughed and spun around. She jumped and elbow-dropped Nami as she was attempting to crawl, right in the small of her back. The young girl slammed to the mat and her arm shot up to her spine where Suki had connected with her sharp elbow. She was pinned like a bug in a collection as Suki dug her elbow in deeper, leaning her weight into Nami’s back as the pained girl grimaced.

Suki slammed her elbow into Nami once more, then stood up to review her handiwork. Nami was sprawled on the mat and looked like a dog on a slippery linoleum floor as she scrambled to rise.

Suki dropped down behind the wounded girl and hauled her up by her soft, brown hair. Nami gasped as her head was wrenched back and she was forced into a kneeling position. Suki’s other arm shot out and wrapped around her throat, choking the small girl who now was slowly suffocating in the chokehold.


Nami thrashed and bucked, anything to try and throw the hellcat from her. She reached up and tried to pry away the arm that was so tightly wound around her burning throat. She dug in with her nails and fought back tears as Suki’s python arms threatened to squeeze her into unconsciousness.

But Suki tired of the easy prey, and released her with a showy flourish, standing back with arms open to indicate that she had mercy, at least temporarily. Nami lay gasping on the mat, her head face down and her haunches in the air as she tried to get her knees underneath her.

Nami’s shapely ass was riding high in the air and presented a tempting target for Suki. Suki dropped down alongside the struggling girl. One hand slipped under her bottoms and gathered the fabric there into a thong, which she used to yank up between the Japanese girl’s fat thighs. Nami cried out as the wedgie tore into her womanhood. But Suki twisted the suit in her hands like a tourniquet against Nami’s pussy. She used it like a handle to lift Nami’s squirming ass higher off the canvas. And higher still, until Suki bent her head down and took a huge bite out of Nami’s pale ass cheek.

Nami screamed. Her pussy was burning and her ass was being bitten raw by the savage, dirty catfighter above her.
She thrashed violently, her legs pounding the canvas and flailing high in the air. By chance, her boot connected with the back of Suki’s neck, clocking the girl solidly and throwing her off Nami’s back.

Nami gasped and rubbed her sore ass as Suki lay dazed on the canvas. She unbunched the fabric of her suit and yelped a bit as the fabric tore away from her privates. At first she wasn’t sure what to do, but then Nami decided she should try and win right away and take advantage of the situation while she could.

Awkwardly, she drapped herself across the groggy Suki, attempting a very loose cross body pin. She asked the smirking referee to start a count. The ref, a gruff man who had obviously seen many girls much tougher than Nami, reluctantly began to count in a droning monotone. The smirk never left the corner of his mount. “1..2..3..”

Nami prayed he would count faster. Faster! She waited an eternity, waiting for the ref to reach that magical number, ten, that would release her from this nightmare.

He never got past five. Suki recovered and found herself pinned. She was almost amused as she bucked and easily threw the sprightly girl off from her body.

Once again, Nami found herself dasing for a corner, a rope, anywhere to get away from her opponent and buy some time to figure out what to do. But Suki was always there, dropped into a menacing crouch as if ready to pouce. It didn’t take long.

At first, Nami couldn’t figure it out, Suki suddenly dashed *away* from her. But Suki was just gathering energy, bouncing off the far ropes to propel her even faster towards Nami. At the last second, Nami leapt in the air and kicked out with her legs which wrapped themselves around Nami’s face in a flying head scissors! Once Nami’s head was firmly between Suki’s tight thighs, Suki rolled her body, causing Nami to flip hard and land on the mat, still trapped in the scissors.

Nami’s head felt like it was about to explode, and her neck was aching from the flip to the canvas. Suki grabbed the top of Nami’s head by the hair and pulsed her thighs together in a rippling wave of pain. Suki grabbed one of Nami’s legs and hauled back, putting pressure on her knee as well as her head.

Nami’s muffled cries could be heard from between Suki tightly clenched thighs, which only served to encourage the young redhead. Both Suki and Nami were moaning now, Suki was straining with the effort of clamping down her thighs and keeping pressure on Nami’s leg. Nami was groaning from the pain that shot through her head and down her leg. It seemed like Suki was determined to finish her now, but wanted to hurt the girl as much as she could in the process.

Suki would unlock her thighs, just for the pleasure of seeing Nami gasp for air and beg for release just before clamping right back down again to smother the poor girl between her legs. Nami pawed weakly at Suki’s thighs and calves, but could do little else but suffer at the hands of the aggressive tigress.


Suki kept her there, crushing her windpipe and laughing as the schoolgirl slipped slowly into unconsciousness. Nami could feel the darkness closing in on her as the air slipped, in precious little puffs, with every moan and groan from her lips. She felt her head getting heavy, and then her shoulder and arms felt like lead. Her whole body felt like it was falling, even though she was firmly and painfully pinned to the ropes. The light escaped from her eyes, and a circle of darkness irised down around her consciouness.

“I win, little girl. And now my prize!” Suki let Nami slide to the ground, her body sprawled out on the canvas. She dragged her by her hair to the center of the ring and got no reaction. As she waved the smirking ref away, Suki settled down to enjoy her new conquest. She peeled off Nami’s spandex suit, caressed her naked breasts, and giggled as she lowered her ass over the girl’s face. It was probably best that Nami would never recall what it is that happ

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    Always loved Touka's art. This one always deserved a sequel...
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    I am so jealous of Nami. I would love to be dominated by a larger and stronger redhead like she was.
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    Yes is touka-san, other great mangaka.
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    Sexy,Rough,wild,and Superb! Thanks For Posting
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    Grumpy Cat

    It has been roughly a month now since last story... are you finished having this free or are you out of stories?!
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    No, we are still going! Story going up with tomorrows update!
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