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Trashy Catfight Part 1

(Wilebeest had given me permission to use some of his art in my stories. This was the first one I did)

My name is Dawn, and I work as an office manager for a successful adult internet site. Last weekend I saw a hell of a fight between two amazing looking women. I just had to write you guys about it and hope that you’ll post my story. The fight took place at our office during one of our parties, between two models from

You see, the girls of, the famous lingerie site, have always been a wild bunch. Trashy often rents out their models for high-flying parties and corporate events. Whenever the girls would show up, things would get wild, which is why I would personally make sure we had the Trashy girls whenever we threw our private parties.

Well a couple parties ago, I noticed that two of the girls just did not get along. Sheila is a leggy blonde with a bitchy face and straight, short-cropped hair that cuts just above her shoulders. I caught her in a tug of war over some lingerie with an auburn haired temptress named Amber. Amber was on top of Sheila, straddling the blonde’s bare tits with her long, tanned legs and yanking furiously on what was obviously the bra that had been ripped from Sheila’s ample chest. I had to call security to pry them apart. Amber spat and hissed as she was hauled off an angry and shouting Sheila. It was obvious these girls had a long history between them.

Over the next few parties, I noticed the girls locking horns now and then, but it never became a catfight like it had earlier. Now, my boss is a big catfight fan, and when I told him about Amber and Sheila, he had one of his brainstorms. His idea was for me to approach the girls and offer them a job doing a special photo-shoot for one of the sites. He wanted them to come to the next party and fight it out in front of the guests while the cameras rolled.

I must admit I felt pretty awkward when I called the girls up. This was way different from most of the normal shoots we did. At first Amber didn’t want any part of it. But when I called Sheila she was all for it, saying how she had wanted “a shot at that tall, know-it-all bitch.” Then I gave Amber another call and let her know what Sheila thought of her. Of course, Amber immediately changed her mind and letting me know that she was “going to pound that blonde man-stealing slut into the ground.”
The fight was on. I hung up and punched up the Trashy site on my laptop, browsing the costume section. For Amber, I ordered a cute, Alice in Wonderland blue and white dress with a short ruffled skirt and white thong panties with stockings. Amber would look cute and mean all at the same time. For Sheila, I found a sleek, patent leather dominatrix teddy with high-cut hips that would show off her lethal legs. I have to admit I got hot just shopping for the girls, and my bi-nature had me curious to see if I would find the sight of two beautiful women beating the shit out of each other in lingerie exciting.

The hotel room that we rented was massive. I made sure that the furniture in the main room was pushed to the sides to leave the girls plenty of room to fight. The guests were mingling and drinking cocktails when I called out the first fighter.

“In this corner, at 5’8″ and a shapely 36C-24-26, wearing black is Sheila the Slave Mistress!” I called out, making up the girl’s ring names on the spot.

Sheila strode out amongst the crowd, which parted to give her room. She really seemed to know how to work the crowd as she shook her ass and wiggled in all the right places, all the time smiling and waving as she strutted to the center of the room. She placed her hand on her hip and pursed her lips and she waited for her opponent to arrive.

“And in the opposite corner, at 5’4″ and a stunning 36D-25-26 is Amber the Red Menace!”

Amber was far more uncertain as she stepped out of the bedroom and into the crowd. Her blue dress was a little too tight for her body, the skirt riding up to reveal her white cotton thong underneath. She wore a determined look and avoided the crowd, eyes fixed on Sheila as she waded in and stood opposite the tall blonde. She copied Sheila stance, putting one hand on her hip and cocking her head to the side as she looked her opponent up and down.

“Ladies, put on these fight gloves. Punching is allowed, but not to the face. You may use any wrestling or catfighting holds, including hairpulling. The fight continues until one of you submits to the other. Winner will receive a $5000 cash prize. Ready? Begin!”

Nothing happened. The girls stood inches from each other, hands to their sides. Amber and Sheila shifted slowly, beginning to circle each other, faces so close together that they must have felt each other’s hot breath on their skin. Their eyes searched each other for weakness, as eager hands curled and flexed in readiness. Legs, perched on stilettos and stockings, swished softly as they crisscrossed as they circled.

Amber reached up to an unflinching Sheila, grabbing handfuls of hair on both sides of her head. There was a slight tug, and Sheila grunted, but stood her ground. Sheila slid her own gloved hands into Amber’s hair and secured a firm grip. They stood poised for a second, before some silent signal triggered them. Suddenly, Sheila’s piercing scream rang out as Amber pulled hard, behind her head backwards. She roared back, ripping Amber’s long red locks to the side and having the satisfaction of hearing her opponent gasp in pain.

Sheila was putting her weight into it, bending at the knees and letting gravity to the work as she tore Amber’s hair. Amber thrashed and bucked, bending over to try to relieve the tension on her locks as she tried to retaliate by balling Sheila’s hair around her fist. The girls seesawed back and forth, each swing to the left or the right accompanied by a shrill yell or shriek. They looked like furies, faces alight with the flush of anger and combat. Proudly they ignored their own pain while trying to deliver as much to the other. Amber was clearly at a height disadvantage and was bearing the worst of it. Her hair was frizzled and ruined as Sheila methodically explored her pain threshold, shifting her grip in different places. Amber kept one hand in Sheila’s hair but delivered a barrage of kidney punches with her other, white-gloved fist, deep in Sheila’s side.

Sheila buckled over, leaning hard on Amber’s shoulder as the redhead’s fists punched away at the side of her waist. Mouth open and groaning with every hit, she kept her hold on Amber’s flaming hair and struggled against the pain, trying to get enough control of her body back to escape the string of punches to her soft sides.

Amber was lost in bloodlust, she was supporting Sheila by her shoulder and by her iron grip on her hair. She reached around and clamped her hand on Sheila’s ass, digging her exposed nails into the soft white flesh. She could feel Sheila tense and spasm as she worked her ass and hair. Amber dragged her sharp nails from the bottom curve of Sheila’s plump cheek to the small of her back. Sheila wailed louder. She reached under Sheila’s teddy and dug her nails deep into her crack and then yanked at the thong-strap. Hot tears spilled unwillingly from Sheila’s blue eyes. She bit her trembling lip and whimpered, squirming tighter against Amber’s incredible body. The wedgie had Sheila on her toes as the leather strap was twisted and pulled taut, rubbing raw her pussy and ass and making her stumble awkwardly to try and keep her balance.

Amber stopped and shoved the blonde betty away with contempt. Sheila staggered backwards, tripping over her six inch heels and landing ass first onto the carpet. The crowd cheered and reached in to haul Sheila to her feet, shoving her roughly back towards Amber.

Sheila had had some time to recover. Her ass was still burning, and her hair was clumped to one side. Ugly red weals were ingrained in her soft skin where Amber’s nails had done their work to Sheila’s backside. She smoothed herself over a bit and looked up at Amber though tear stained eyes. Amber simply put her fists up in a silent invitation to box, and waited.

Sheila screamed a long, angry, growling battlecry and launched herself at Amber. Her tight fists sought revenge as they battered the redhead backwards, windmilling punches landing on her shoulders, arms, and smashing into every exposed surface of Amber’s incredible body. But Sheila was no boxer, and her punches threw wild and failed to do much damage as Amber covered herself with her arms and retreated back against the wall.


Amber landed with a thud against the back wall. She curled up and hid behind her upraised arms as Sheila sought some kind of opening. While Sheila’s punches failed to hit their marks, Amber slid slowly down the wall under their constant barrage until she was slumped on the floor, covering her head. Now Sheila let her long legs do the work as she alternated between punching Amber’s head and kicking her on the ground. Her shiny black heels flashed in the light as they swung like weights into Amber’s stomach and chest. Amber grunted and cried out as each kick penetrated her defenses and thudded against her stomach or smashed into a soft breast. She desperately threw her arms around Sheila’s sleek legs to try and stop the onslaught.

Gripping the blonde’s legs tightly, Amber pushed forward, unbalancing Sheila who stopped her punching as she struggled to remain upright. Sheila reached down and wrapped her hands in Amber’s hair, hauling the surprised girl upright and shoving her roughly against the wall. Amber lurched forward, throwing a fist aimed squarely at Sheila’s head. Sheila flinched at the illegal move and tried to counter. Her black-gloved fist came up in a wild uppercut, hitting squarely underneath Amber’s huge DD breast and nearly popping it out of her dress top.

Amber must have sensitive tits, because she screamed and stumbled backwards, clutching at her left breast. Sheila smiled, knowing she had found a week spot. She started dancing on her feet, imitating a boxer on TV, and feigned punches to Amber’s chest as the other girl flinched in fear. Amber reached out one hand, as if urging the blonde to stop. That provided Sheila with another opening, and her small fist buried itself the opposite breast this time, flattening it against the redhead’s chest.

Amber gasped and stumbled backwards, both hands now clutching her breasts. Sheila advanced and punched Amber in the stomach, causing her to drop her hands. Sheila followed it up with a one-two combination, both fists finding their mark in Amber’s left tit. Sheila was now popping at Amber’s breasts almost at will, causing the stunning redhead to yelp and flinch as she fought to stand her ground.

Amber reached out and managed to catch one of Sheila’s wrists, which she twisted violently to one side. Sheila was caught off balance, and the two struggled and Amber fought to twist Sheila arm behind her back. The two girls bodies were pressed close together, arms intertwined like pythons as they sought to bend and twist in unnatural and painful angles. They strained and pulled, spread their legs wide for leverage, and whimpered slightly as one girl would momentarily send a spark of pain down an arm or push an elbow into a face as they fought.


Slowly, inexorably, Amber brought blonde girls arm down and behind her back. Sheila’s eyes grew wide as she realized she was losing the arm twisting battle and in anticipation of the pain that she was about to feel. With a sharp jerk and a triumphant yell, Amber wrenched Sheila’s arm up sharply against her back, and smiled as Sheila screamed “you fuckin bitch!”

“Feel it, Honey? I’m going to enjoy breaking your arm.” Amber whispered in Sheila’s ears, between gasps of exertion as she kept up the pressure.

Sheila could only moan. Amber had forced her up onto her toes and her shoulder was on fire. She reached up weakly with her free hand, grasping behind her for Amber’s hair, face, anything she could pull, scratch or claw to free herself of the burning pain. Amber pushed forward, causing Sheila to step forward to maintain her balance, and kept pushing until Sheila was taking shuffling, tip-toe steps in a humiliating parade around the room in front of the cheering ground. Amber grabbed the blonde’s hair and threw her head from side to side. Sheila had become a gross parody of a puppet, pulled along by Amber’s tugs and yanks on her hair and her arm.

Amber laughed. “Come, little one” she patronized as she paraded Sheila to several crowd members. “Bark!” she would snap as she twisted up on Sheila’s arm, making her scream. Sheila’s leather clad tits were pushed up towards the ceiling, her back arched, her round ass sticking out like a ripe melon, her hair frizzy and wild from all the hair pulling. It was like a princess racked on display in a torture room, where the rack was actually a beautiful yet cruel woman. It was intensely arousing to see one woman contort the other into such painful yet erotic positions.

“Now sit!” Amber growled as she forced Sheila to the ground into a sitting position. Sheila collapsed to the floor, her legs splayed to the sides, her body now limp with exhaustion. “That’s a good little bitch,” Amber purred and patted her on the head.

She circled around until she faced the little blonde, who was hiding her face in her long hair and quietly weeping from the public humiliation. With one finger under Sheila’s chin, Amber softly raised the blonde’s face to meet her own and looked deep into her tear-stained eyes. She bent forwards and gave the blonde a kiss on the lips, and caressed her face. “Mmmmm, it really turns me on to make you my slave.”

To be continued…

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