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Trashy Lingerie Fight Part 2

(Continued from Part 1)

“Fuck you,” Sheila sobbed. She stuggled to get the next words out through heaving cries. “It’s not over, you BITCH!” She hurled the last word at Amber through gritted teeth and put all she had into a single upwards punch: an uppercut that arced underneath Amber’s short, frilly skirt and connect solidly to the redhead’s warm, panty- clad pussy.

You could see Amber’s hips jar with the impact, and her knees start to buckle. She cried out and slumped on top of Sheila, who roughly shoved her aside. Amber writhed on the ground, holding her hands between her legs as she rolled back and forth.

Sheila stood up and wiped the tears from her own eyes. She spat down on Amber’s face, hot spittle dripped down the girl’s cheeks. “Take your slut kiss back and shove it!” Sheila yelled as she smashed her spiked heel into Amber’s stomach.

Amber moaned and doubled over and Sheila kicked her in the side of the head. The redhead was spinning, barely conscious. Sheila looked down with contempt and then strutted over to the limp girl and hauled her up by her hair. Amber shrieked and grabbed at Sheila’s hands on either side of her head as her hair bore the full weight of her body.

Amber, eyes shut tight against the pain, blindly flailed and punched at Sheila. Some punches hit the blonde, who just shrugged them off and punched back, rocking the redhead to the head and occasionally hitting a tender breast and causing Amber to gasp.

The girls were punching and grabbing at each other. Clawed hands caught on clothes and ripped buttons until both girls were topless. Amber’s chest was magnificent, tanned and succulent with ripe, inviting nipples. Sheila’s pale beauties were just as proud, and were now the target of Amber’s claws.


Amber latched on with both hands, squeezing and digging into Sheila’s soft orbs. Amber had a tight grip, and it was all that a wailing Sheila could do to maintain her balance as Amber wrenched her tits this way and that, eventually pushing Sheila back until she fell backwards onto a cocktail table. Amber clambered on top of the topless, screaming blonde, planting her knee in her pussy and putting all her weight behind it as she raked at Sheila’s tits.

Sheila moaned and her hands instinctively dropped to crotch to try and lift Amber’s knee off her pulsing womanhood. But this only left her tits at the mercy of Amber’s squeezing and pinching nails, bright red against pale flesh. Sheila brought her legs up, going fetal with pain, before instinctively wrapping them around Amber’s waist and locking her ankles. Sheila bit her lip and ignored the pain in her crotch as she ground at Amber’s waist with her long legs.

Amber twisted and moaned in Sheila’s leggy grasp. She pushed hard with her knee, trying to pry free by applying pain and leverage to the blonde’s sex. The girl’s struggle unbalanced the table, and the hellcats crashed to the floor cursing and clawing all the way to the ground.

Amber stated to punch the blonde in the face, causing the smaller girl to scream and let go of her scissor hold to scramble away blindly. Amber chased her down into a corner and grabbed Shiela’s blonde hair in one hand, who was now on her stomach and arched painfully from the hair-hold. Amber planted a spiked heel into Sheila’s lower back, just above her spine, and grabbed one of the blonde’s flailing legs. The resulting bow and arrow had the audience flinching as Sheila’s screams now reached a piercing decibel level.

The redhead was breaking the blonde in two, her victim writhed sexily in her black leather teddy. Her arched back caused her tits to thrust outwards, and the expression of open mouthed pain and the fear in the blonde’s eyes obviously excited both Amber and the audience. It was obvious that this was becoming a one-sided beat-down and nobody was going to stop it.

Trashy Catfight

Amber dropped the blonde, who fell, deadweight, onto the floor. Sheila struggled to rise on all fours, her shapely ass rising high in the air. Amber rewarded her efforts with a kick to the ass, right between her legs. Sheila screamed and Amber kicked her again. Sheila flipped over onto her back, gasping and clutching at her battered pussy. Amber followed up by planting her heel into the blonde’s newly bared tits and grinding her shoe into Sheila’s left nipple.

The unbelievable pain had Sheila doubling up and clawing at Amber’s taut calf as the redhead twisted her shoe and stomped on the poor blonde’s left tit. Sheila desperately clawed at Amber’s incredible leg, leaving marks which the big redhead just seemed to ignore as she gleefully ground the blonde’s tits into paste.

Amber finally stopped when she saw that the pale flesh was now glowing beet red under her pumps. Satisfied she had hurt the sobbing bitch, Amber turned to her opponents other targets. She straddled the blonde and started to punch her in the face again while squeezing her knees together around the blonde’s breasts. Sheila’s tits were bunched up between Amber’s python thighs, pressed tightly against the redhead’s crotch, her arms were pinned under the redhead’s legs. Amber started to rock back and forth, kneading Sheila’s sore tits between her thighs. She threw her head back and moaned as the blonde’s nipples rubbed against her pussy, and everyone could see the dampness that was turning the redhead’s panties nearly transparent as she hiked her skirts up while she rode the simpering blonde.

Sheila bit her lip and fought back the tears from both the blazing pain in her tits and the humiliation of watching this woman get off on top of her. The audience as cheering Amber on, urging her to “come all over that slut.’ Amber only smiled and squeezed harder, pinching Sheila’s breasts tightly together. She reached up and caressed her own breasts. The sound in the room was a sexy mix of Amber’s moaning with Sheila’s screams and sobbing while the crowd cheered them both on.

“No, please. Stop,” cried Sheila as her tits bulged under the pressure of Amber’s thighs. “Oh God, my tits hurt so bad. They hurt so bad,” she wailed. Amber only smiled and licked her lips as she tweaked her own nipples and ground her crotch against the fleshy mountain of Sheila’s own breasts. “Mmmmm, I like you like this you little slut,” Amber whispered hoarsely. “But let’s not forget I’m here to kick your ass.”

Amber leaned forward, draping her breasts over Sheila’s face. Sheila’s cries were now muffled under Amber’s tanned and glorious orbs. Amber used her hands to push her tits together, smothering the little blond bitch. Every few seconds, Amber would lift up, allowing the girl to gasp in heaping breaths of air before shoving her tits into her nose and mouth again.

The humiliation must have put some of the fight back in the blonde because Sheila reached up and grabbed two handfuls of Amber titty and twisted them horribly. Amber screamed and rose up, hands flying to protect her breasts as the blonde sank her brightly painted thumbnails into Amber’s nipples. Sheila nails sliced deep, threatening to leave tiny gashes in Amber’s flawless tits. She grabbed great handfuls of her mounds and twisted them like doorknobs. Amber was thrashing, her face a mask of pain as she desperately tried to pry Sheila’s hands away.

Sheila let go and reached up with both hands, grabbing Amber’s head by the hair and causing the other girl to yelp. She wrenched Amber down towards her chest and buried her face between her snowy white tits. “See how you like it now! What’s the matter, can’t breath?”

Amber’s face was buried up to her ears in Sheila’s soft, supple orbs. Her legs kicked weakly, heels making scrabbling sounds on the floor as she started to lose consciousness. Unlike Amber’s own breast smothering, Sheila was determined not to let the dangerous girl up for air. She wanted to win by knock out. Amber kicked and you could hear her moans from somewhere between Sheila’s huge tits.

Trashy Catfight

Amber’s kicking died out, and her body went limp. Sheila smiled and the crowd groaned. They had obviously been rooting for the redhead to win by this point. This only pissed Sheila off, and she started to shove Amber roughly off her body. Amber suddenly burst into life, she punched Sheila in the face, knocking her back to the floor, then grabbed two handful’s of the blonde’s tits in painful squeeze.

“Your tits are gonna pay now, bitch!” she hissed. She pinched Sheila’s fat nipples between her thumb and forefinger and pulled hard, stretching them out like taffy. Sheila was groggy from the punch, but nearly bolted upright when Amber pulled so hard on her tits that they stretched out to painful cones.

Then Amber slid down Sheila’s chest, nestling herself between her legs. She glanced slyly up at the crowd. “Finishing time!” she called out. She opened her mouth wide and swallowed a huge part of Sheila’s left orb before biting down with her sharp teeth. The scream that escaped from Sheila was enough to deafen the crowd. Her whole back arched in pain, lifting her off the floor as Amber gnashed on her tasty mound.

“Stop! Stop! I give upÉOh fuck!” Sheila was screaming out her surrender, but Amber kept biting and grinding with her teeth. “Help me, someone help me! My tits!” Sheila pleaded with the crowd. Amber opened her mouth and released the mauled orb, only to dive into the right tit, biting down on Sheila’s nipple and grinding it between her front teeth, threatening to almost bite it off. You could see the teeth marks on Sheila’s left tit, which was bruised and sore.

Amber controlled the blonde completely with her bite-hold on her nipple. Sheila didn’t dare move because Amber could bite her nipple off at any moment. Amber teased with her teeth while gripping the flesh with one hand, squeezing it like toothpaste and extending the nipple. Occasionally, she would nip hard at the fat and now erect nipple, causing Sheila to gasp.

“Say I’m a pussy,” Amber mumbled out of the side of her mouth, teeth still gripping Sheila’s nipple. “I’m a pussy!” Sheila cried.

“Say you’re a whore.”

“I’m a whore, I’m a big fat-fuckin whoreÉnow let go of me you bitch!” Sheila tried to buck away, but screamed loudly when Amber bit down and tore at her nipple with her teeth.


“Don’t fuck with me, or I’ll bite it off. Now say you want to lick my pussy.” Sheila hesitated, which only caused Amber to bite down and reach up with her other hand to rake her nails into Sheila’s other tit. “Fuck, oh fucking shit! G-damn itÉokay, okay, I want to lick your pussy!” Sheila screamed.

“Great! Now do it!” Amber got to her feet, hauling Sheila up by her tits. She shoved down the rest of her skirt and costume, revealing a white thong underneath. “Take it off,” she commanded Sheila.

Sheila, trembling, got to her knees and slowly pulled down Amber’s panties. She didn’t even get halfway before Amber grabbed her by the hair and roughly shoved her face into her pussy. “Lick it!”

Sheila slowly started running her tongue up Amber’s naked and shaven cunt lips. She never finished. Amber’s long leg came up between Sheila’s thighs and kicked her in the cunt. Sheila screamed and fell backwards, rolling around the floor violently and clutching at her pussy.

“You whore, you don’t deserve to get me off. Where’s my money, I’m done here.” She glared contemptuously at the beaten and crying blonde.

The crowd helped the blonde to her feet and I paid Amber. She was still flushed with bloodlust and the raw emotion of female combat. She didn’t say a word as she shoved the bills into the side of her panties, collected her costume, and stormed off to the dressing rooms.

I checked out Sheila and she was more humiliated than hurt. She kept saying how she wanted to get Amber back and demanded a rematch. We had a great photo-set from this fight, and I assured her that if it sold well we would invite them both back for a private match. Sheila couldn’t wait, and neither could we!

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    Sure wish Sheila would get another chance at that ginger.
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    scuse me im wandering about ... Can you repost the cosplay catfight of haruhi vs pikachi girl ?