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Ultimate Domme Fight

I’d never been there before, and I was lost. Stuck in a blind alley somewhere in New York City, I couldn’t tell which way to turn. There were no crowds, no open doors, no neon signs, nothing to indicate where The Blue Corner might be.

I remember reading the small newspaper advertisement stuck in the back of the Times and summoning the courage to go check it out: “The Blue Corner Presents: Dom vs Dom matches for the discerning catfight enthusiast. Matches start promptly at 9:00PM.”

I’d always loved watching catfights, ever since high-school, and while I had books and tapes, I’d never seen a fight live, with all that struggling, sweating, and panting and screaming right in front of me. It was enough to get me off my duff and into the cold New York air to find out what this club was all about.

But where the hell was it? I was about to give up hope and go home, frustrated and chiding myself for such a stupid idea, when I spied a door with a small brass plaque and one of those slots that people look out of. I got up to the plaque and, sure-enough, this was the place. Damn, it sure was tucked out of sight!

I lifted and knocked with the heavy brass ring that was bolted to the front of the door. The eye-slot opened up and a pair of eyes looked me up and down.

“I’m here for the matches.” I said, hoping I wouldn’t have to explain much more than that.

The door opened and warm light filled the alley. A woman in a slinky upscale evening dress stood smiling at me, holding the door, as I gawked. She was incredibly gorgeous, tall and graceful, and with beautiful waist length hair that was…blue. Her hair color and make-up gave her that gothic look that I noticed matched the club décor behind her.

She pursed her full lips and put one slender hand on her hip. “Well, aren’t you going to come in out of the cold? Oh don’t be shy, you’ve found the right place.” She smiled warmly and led me in by my arm, hooking it into mine. She led me into a large room that was dimly lit by old-fashioned gas lamps. The furniture was opulent, with ornately carved tables and deep, expensive looking leather chairs that had been ringed around an open space in the center of the room.

The room was filled with elegantly dressed people, men and women, who were laughing and chit-chatting and sipping glasses of wine or the occasional iced bourbon. She led me to one of the chairs that ringed the open floor-space, which I noticed had been covered with black padded mats.

“First time tonight?” she asked.

“Uh, yeah. How did you know?”

Her laugh was deep and sensual. “You obviously didn’t come dressed for the occasion.”

I felt a flush of embarrassment as I looked down at my jeans and sneakers. I guess I thought it would be more like a strip-club, or some seedy bar.

“Don’t worry; everybody does that the first time. Well, sit right there, and I’ll have someone send you a drink.” She pushed me into the soft leather of the chair and left me staring as she swished away on clicking heels.

The drink came, and I downed it pretty quick. I was nervous, and everybody seemed to know each other except for me. I also was worried about just how much the damn drink cost, let alone the cover, which nobody had bothered to collect from me. I didn’t see any prices, and, as it turned out, I was right to assume the worst.

But it was all worth it.

The lights dimmed a little, and the music quieted. Conversations settled into whisper with the occasional girlish laugh or clinking of glasses. I looked around; trying to figure out what was up, wondering what I had gotten myself into.

A gentleman in a tuxedo made his way through the tables and into the center of the room.

“Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to another special night here at The Blue Corner. Tonight, our most beautiful and talented ladies will test their skill and fighting spirit for your enjoyment…and theirs.” He smiled as the audience applauded. “Let me introduce, in this corner, Naomi!”

From somewhere, a spotlight stabbed outwards, centering on a stunning red-head that approached the mats in a long, sequined gown. She turned around and lifted up her long auburn tresses so that the announcer could unzip her. The crowd murmured appreciatively as her dress fell away to reveal the red, patent-leather lingerie that adorned her voluptuous body. Her heavy breasts were bare, pushed up by the leather sling that passed for a bra. She wore long, leather boots with heels, and her matching leather thong was held up by some sort of strappy suspender that passed between her legs and branched across her perfect stomach to connect to the base of her bra. She stood flexing and stretching as the announcer turned his attention back to the audience.

“Naomi will be taking on one of our favorite doms tonight, one that has been a club favorite for some time now: Jennifer!”

My jaw dropped as the spotlight swung over to the opposite corner. It was the girl who ushered me into the club! She smiled and waved to the audience as she bounded onto the mats. She didn’t need any help as she shrugged herself out of her dress, handing it to the announcer. Her body was incredible! She was clad in a black PVC bra and thong that clung to her like a second skin. She too, wore thigh-high boots as well as opera-style gloves fashioned of the same, shiny material. Her chest was a match for her opponent, milky white globes half-cupped by the tight plastic top with bat-wing style fringes that framed her chest. Her waist was narrow, but blossomed into full hips and thighs standing atop shapely calves. As she preened for the audience, she caught my eye and blew me a kiss.

“The usual rules apply, ladies. No hits to the face, no chokes, and no scratching.” The announcer gave Naomi a stern look. “The fight starts when I ring the bell, and stops when one of you submits or the time-limit is reached. Are you both ready?”

Jennifer and Naomi both nodded, never taking their eyes off of each other. If the girls were acting, it was academy award winning stuff. I really felt like these two didn’t like each other one bit.

Dom Fight – Jennifer vs Naomi
Before the bell had even finished ringing, the girls were on upon each other. Naomi grabbed Jennifer’s hair and was pulling her roughly around the ring, trying to get her to lose her balance. Jennifer struggled to loose herself from the hair-pull, but tripped over her boots and fell crashing to the floor.

Naomi instantly leaped on top of her and suddenly there was a mess of thrashing legs, flipping hair and wild gyrations as the two dominatrix rolled across the mat in a deadly embrace. I couldn’t believe the amount of sheer, primal energy that these two hellcats were putting out.

Naomi was really wrenching hard on Jennifer’s blue hair. I could hear Jennifer yelp each time Naomi twisted her fist into the beautiful girl’s hair, pulling her head this way and that. But I was shocked when Jennifer started to punch Naomi in her kidneys with full-force, bare-knuckle blows! No hit-n-giggle here. This shit was for real, and it was pure, brutal, female combat!

Naomi yelled as the blows fell and as she dropped her hair-pulling to try and cover up. But Naomi was dazed, and Jennifer grabbed her red tresses and pulled her standing to her feet. I got a good view of Naomi’s nearly bare ass, jiggling as Jennifer started to lay into her stomach, doubling her over.

Naomi struggled to fight back, and started to trade punches with Jennifer, and the two fighters ebbed back and forth as wild punches landed on stomachs, backs and even breasts. The sound of these two girls was like a couple of angry cats thrown into a bag together. Jennifer would shout if one of Naomi’s blows found their mark, only to snarl and growl as she redoubled her efforts to hurt her sexy opponent.

When Jennifer at last pushed Naomi away for a brief break, I could see that both girls were breathing hard. Their large breasts were rising and falling, slick with sheens of sweat that glistened in the lights.

Suddenly, Jennifer rushed Naomi, hunching down to crash her shoulder into Naomi’s perfect stomach. Naomi was sent crashing into my lap, her ass planted firmly on my crotch. Jennifer came with her, and suddenly my chair was filled with snarling, hissing catfighters!

Jennifer put one leg on the arm of my chair, lifting herself up for leverage as she grabbed at Naomi’s hair. She held her in place with a fistful of hair while she cocked her arm back and started to punch Naomi in her tits.

Man, I could feel the force of those punches! Every time Jennifer’s fists connected with those succulent orbs, a jolt ran down Naomi’s spine and into her ass, ramming it against the growing erection in my jeans. I was embarrassed, but I couldn’t help being incredibly aroused as Jennifer pounded the tits off the poor girl in my lap.

Naomi was screaming with every hammer-fall and started to cover up her breasts with one hand while pushing Jennifer away with the other.

“Hold her arms!” Jennifer commanded.

“What!?” I stammered.

“Hold her fucking arms! It’s in the rules, just do it!” I couldn’t believe the venom that dripped from this sweet girl’s mouth, and I did what I was told. Nobody in the audience seemed to think it was unfair as I grabbed Naomi’s wrists and pulled them back behind her.

Jennifer delivered a few more crushing fists deep into the now defenseless Naomi’s areolas, and I started to feel bad as she whimpered in my arms. Jennifer hoisted herself a little higher and pushed Naomi’s head back until it rested on my shoulder, her long hair cascading down around us. Then Jennifer put one leg past shoulder and thrust her hips forward until she was suffocating Naomi into her crotch.

I nearly exploded as my own head was buried in Jennifer’s creamy thigh as she tried to suffocate this girl. I thought I could smell Jennifer’s sex mixed with Naomi’s spicy perfume as my ears filled with the muffled cries from Naomi. I realized then that Jennifer was cheating slightly. While it wasn’t a choke-hold, Jennifer was certainly cutting off Naomi’s air supply!

I was so taken by the thought of this sweet, sexy girl cheating to beat the crap out of this other incredibly gorgeous woman in my lap that I accidentally relaxed my grip on Naomi’s arms. Unfortunately, my beautiful Jennifer was going to pay for my mistake.

Naomi twisted her arms free and reached up to bury her claws into Jennifer’s ass-cheeks. Now Naomi cheated as well, digging her nails in and raking them across the pert, curved surface of Jennifer’s ass. Jennifer howled, but Naomi wasn’t finished. Using her claw-hold to keep Jennifer in place, she rammed her head hard into Jennifer’s crotch, smashing her pussy beneath her shiny panties.

“You bitch!” howled Jennifer as she fell back onto the mat, clutching her womanhood. The crowed burst into applause at the reversal as Naomi strutted over to a groaning Jennifer. Naomi demonstrated incredible strength as she scooped Jennifer up into her arms and hoisted her over her shoulder on her back. Jennifer thrashed and tried to kick free, but Naomi shifted her grip, latching firmly onto Jennifer’s already bruised womanhood.

I could see the PVC bunching up as Naomi pinched at Jennifer’s sex, using the pain to control Jennifer and stop her from struggling too much. Once, twice, Naomi bounced my fighter (by now, I was firmly on Jennifer’s side) on her shoulder while pinching hard at her pussy, causing Jennifer to scream. Then Naomi flipped over backwards, crashing Jennifer head-first into the mat.

Jennifer moaned and rolled around listlessly as Naomi stood to observe her handiwork. Jennifer was in bad shape, still obviously in pain from the pussy mauling she had received, as well as the suplex.

Naomi seemed to be thinking about her next move when she caught my eye. I tried to look away, but it was obvious Naomi had a great idea. Grabbing Jennifer by her tits, she hauled her to her feet. Spinning her around, she grabbed Jennifer’s shiny thong and wedged it hard up her ass cheeks.

Oh how she howled at that! Jennifer was standing on her toes to try to alleviate the pain as the plastic embedded itself in the crack of her ass as well as between the lips of her pussy. Naomi twisted the material so that it rode up harder into Jennifer, and then used it to steer Jennifer towards me, like a puppet on a very painful string.

“This your new boyfriend?” sneered Naomi.

Naomi shoved Jennifer hard into my chair. Jennifer’s ample breasts landed square in my face as she sprawled against me helplessly. Jennifer’s knees were to either side of my legs as she kneeled over me in the leather chair.

“Now it’s your turn!” said Naomi. “Here, boyfriend, hang on to this.”

Naomi reached around and gave Jennifer another hard wedgie, this time with the front of her thong, pulling it up and hard against Jennifer’s sex and forcing me to grab it to hold my girl in place.

As Jennifer moaned from the wedgie I was giving her, I hesitated. It was then that the announcer politely came over and whispered to me: “You must do this, she is within the rules and you must be fair.”

Jennifer looked pleadingly into my eyes, and I had to look away as Naomi reached around and grabbed Jennifer’s tits with both hands. She pulled down the plastic bra, fully exposing those marvelous melons before sinking her claws into them. I felt Jennifer spasm in my lap from the tit-mauling she was receiving. Naomi was really digging into her tits, squeeze them like silly-putty while I continued to put pressure on poor Jennifer’s pussy, using her thong like floss.

Soon Jennifer was wailing, and I felt a hot, salty tear fall on my arm. When I looked up, my heart nearly broke. Jennifer was a study in agony as her most sensitive regions were being violated. Jennifer’s makeup was running from her tears. Her tits were pink and bruised, and Naomi was now working on her nipples, twisting them violently.

“Do you submit?” cooed Naomi? When Jennifer didn’t (or couldn’t) answer, Naomi pulled back hard on her hair and slipped her hand underneath the front of Jennifer’s thong. I let go of Jennifer’s wedgie at this point, and waited breathlessly for what would happen.

“Submit, or I’ll tear your fucking clit off!” Naomi screamed into Jennifer’s ear.

Jennifer’s lips trembled, but she was slow to get the words out. Naomi took it as a sign of resistance and jabbed her nails deep into Jennifer’s pussy. Jennifer screamed and Naomi kept going. She yanked on her hair and scratched at the insides of Jennifer’s vagina. I could see the whole terrible ordeal. Jennifer was effectively spread-eagled on my lap, and I had an up-close and personal view of Jennifer’s violated sex as Naomi twisted and scratched at Jennifer’s sensitive pussy-lips. Despite myself (and I felt like a Bastard), I could feel myself getting excited again as my cock rubbed up against Jennifer’s tortured mound.

“I give! Ahhhh! Let go, I said I give!” Jennifer was screaming hysterically.

Naomi retracted her fingers and with a shove, Jennifer collapsed into my arms a sobbing wreck.

The audience burst into applause as Naomi strutted around the mat, holding her arms in the air. I could only hold onto my Jennifer, trying to comfort her pain as she sobbed into my shoulder. Even in her defeat, Jennifer was defiant.

“I’m going to get that bitch!” she whispered into my ear between hot tears of shame and defeat. She calmed down some and whispered again, “Will you wait for me?”

I stroked her hair and nodded, and once Jennifer recovered enough, she extracted herself from my arms and retired back to the dressing rooms.

There were two other matches that night, each as violent as the first, but I hardly noticed. All I could keep thinking about was Jennifer, and how she had taken that beating so brutally in my arms. I felt responsible, and I couldn’t believe she still wanted me to wait for her at the end of the show.

When Jennifer came back out, she was dressed in jeans and a sweater. She wasn’t quite the confident, happy girl she was at the start of the night, but she managed a smile as she slipped her arm in mine and whispered into my ear.

“I don’t blame you Hon. She and I have a long history. You were nothing but a sweetie, you just had to be fair.” She gave me a peck on the cheek. “Would you walk me home? I don’t think I should be alone tonight. Besides, I want to tell you exactly how I plan to take that bitch apart next week!”

And of course, being a gentleman, I had to oblige…

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  • Posted: September 21, 2015 05:00


    Great story!
  • Posted: September 21, 2015 14:26


    Thanks! Do you run the SuiteFights site? Love that stuff. How do you get the girls to agree to real fights? Waivers?
  • Posted: September 22, 2015 04:59


    Lovely story, great action. I don't recall seeing this on the original site before, was it an older story or something more recent?
  • Posted: September 23, 2015 13:56


    Great story, a little short but really hot. Who was the artist?
  • Posted: September 23, 2015 20:24


    ...I knew I was a Naomi.
  • Posted: September 23, 2015 23:56


    Japanese and retired, I'm afraid.
  • Posted: September 24, 2015 00:01


    Oh? Are you now...
  • Posted: November 6, 2015 02:25


    I can remember this site, but I'm not sure what it was called. It's since been removed from the net. Thank you so much Debbi for bringing back so many of my old faves!
  • Posted: November 6, 2015 22:11


    Yw. :)
  • Posted: February 5, 2016 10:56


    That was a fun story. I like the story being told from the point of view of a spectator who gets caught up in the fight and goes home with one of the fighters at the end. I should be so lucky.
  • Posted: February 17, 2016 12:24


    Love love love beso...I'm expecting our first (Stella Dorothy) in 3 weeks and I'd love some post prego goioeds! #1 on my list...hunter rain boots... Love and best to you and yours. Xo
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    kann ich kreditkarte bezahlen

    Yeah I know Nikki. All movies should be made for the mantality of a 14c year old. The studios almost completely stopped making rated R movies for trhe last three years, but if you have your way we will all be sucking on our thumb and having conversations about plastic balls and play dates while all the imature people talk about philosophy and culture>GOO GOO GA GA
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    I like this story a lot are you going to post more an make it a series cause that would be so cool